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I have just contacted the ccg about withdrawal of T3 prescription. They were very helpful but suggested the number of complaints were low, regarding t3 withdrawal, which means the ccg won't be swayed to reconsider their decision.

The removal of T3 scrips will have fundamental implications for many of us on it. With this in mind, please can I ask those effected to take ten minutes to google their local ccg and put in a compliant as WE ARE NOT MAKING ENOUGH NOISE.

Come on folks, let's make ourselves heard. Thanks, it will make a difference.

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  • I suspect your CCG is lying! I have yet to come across anyone who said that they were fine on T4 only now their T3 has been withdrawn!

  • Hi Ruthie,

    I agree, withdrawal of t3 does have an adverse effect. We need to make sure the ccg knows this by using their complaints system.

    The more we complain, the more notice they will take (hopefully...)


  • Gpibba,

    The number of complaints probably is low because the proportion of patients prescribed T3 in addition to, or instead of Levothyroxine is low. I agree patients shouldn't roll over when their CCG decides to withdraw T3 and should make as much fuss as possible.

  • Really good and honest mainstream endos admit that 15 percent of patients do not feel well without T3.

    Patient surveys give much higher figures. Satisfied patients did not reply?

  • Perhaps Print this out to include - increased "cost" is the main reason


    Costs a fraction of the price charged to NHS in other parts of the world

    Write to your MP?

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