medical records censored

Picked up a coy of my patient records today and when i got home and opened the envelope to look through, i found mostly the same quick list, table and column style (used in open office writer )that they used for me when i came to have a preview to choose what i wanted printed.

(similar to the look and style used for the comments on this web page )


Date and time- surgery-name of medical worker, then a brief badly spelled and typed bit of info .

I did get a few actual copies of detailed letters ,but the rest just follow this crappy style that i previewed when i visited the surgery.Oh, i did notice that someone has also censored some of the info that was in available in the previews that i viewed and there is also missing letters that were sent from a nurse from ATOS (before maximus took over .

I was shown this letter several years ago (on the gp's pc monitor) .

The censoring part has been done by something that looks like it has been tipexed over, then the page has been photo copied again, but leaving a huge blank space between the next words.

Like this

Bar bar sheep have you any wool?

Yes , sir, three full

What the heck is going on with this, especially the censoring, as i needed this for a court case that i have to attend and when it looks like i have knocked them out on my computer, it makes me a bit peeved.

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  • Have you a soliciter think they need to take a look? I think some stuff can be legally removed from notes but there has to be a good reason and I cant think what the reasons it is allowed are right now but certainly not to cover up stuff from a court case although paper work going missing happens all the time when people feel threatened.

  • You could put your request in writing and ask for an explanation of why incomplete information was given. Good to have a paper trail in case you decide to make a formal complaint in future.

  • Biscuitbouy11,

    Tell your practice manager what information appears to be missing and what has been altered and make a subject access request for your full medical records not just the electronic summary. The practice is entitled to charge you £50. If you have any trouble contact the Information Commissioner's Office

  • I understand that medical records are a Legal Document and that notes cannot be changed or removed , unless it has been recorded what has been removed and why it has been removed. As mandyjane says you may want to get your SOlicitor to take a look. 🐝

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