Thyroid Cough

My lungs are clear but I have this nagging cough, especially at night when I try to lay down in bed. I just had a heart ablation done, there is a possibility that my thyroid may be contributing to this condition. I have to spend some time sitting straight up in bed for awhile to calm the cough. Could a thyroid condition have caused my arterial flutter in the first place? Secondly, what can I do about the cough.

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  • Do you suffer from acid reflux?

  • I take Omeprazole once a day to counteract the reflux.

  • Have you tried alternative methods for reflux such as apple cider vinegar or betaine, PPI's can interfere with thyroid meds. Worth using the Search function for PPIs. Raising your mattress may help.

  • Have a read of this:

    A recent thread that I started with some interesting contributions:

    In addition to apple cider vinegar I take a digestive enzyme during my evening meal.

  • My daughter had coughing asthma at night which is not uncommen as her cousin does too. it dissappeared when she gave up gluten so it was this causing inflammation in her airways so worth trying to take out inflammtory foods t see if makes a difference

  • Are you sure it is not allergies or asthma, I was diagnosed with the latter and although I am not happy using an inhaler I have to admit my coughing has completely stopped.

  • I have asthma & I have noticed that I can get breathless & even wheezy when I lie down but no amount of my asthma inhaler will help. I don't think this breathlessness is related to my asthma, but my thyroid. I read that one of the symptoms of hypo can be breathlessness.

  • Sometimes an enlarged thyroid gland pressing on the windpipe can make you feel the need to cough, however it's worth getting it checked out.

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