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I just started on Levothyroxine 25 microgrames. My ferritin was a bit low 39.6 (20-291). So I bought ferrous fumarate 210mg and plan to take on each day until retest in 6 weeks. Does this sound good? Is it safe to start this on my own without talking to my doc? The pharmacist was a bit reluctant to sell it to me... Is there anything that I should think about regarding the tablets?

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  • Your ferritin is indeed on the low side. It MIGHT cause you constipation so it's advisable to take 1000 mg of Vit C with each dose. Ensure you take it 4 hours away from thyroid medication and two hours away from other food, drink and supplements to avoid interactions.

  • It says that it should be taken with food. Isn't that true?

  • Recommendations on this forum are to take it away from food to get maximum benefit. :)

  • Ok, do you think it's ok to start with 1 per day?

  • I'm not sure about exact doses as I don't take ferrous fumarate. I did find a post here that suggested one tablet twice a day - that gives about 130-140mg elemental iron. Might want to wait for someone else to come along and confirm that.

  • Idea only lisan1,

    If you find taking FF on it's own or with a drink makes you feel nauseous, try taking FF in between meals or on a fuller stomach. I use to take FF with a drink only and every time within a few minutes I would feel terribly nauseaus with a feeling I was going to throw up.

  • Should I ask for it (ferritin) to be tested when I have my next blood test in 6 weeks ? Or would that be too early ?

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