Do you have Graves' disease?

Do you have Graves' disease?

Thyroid UK has been asked by the Medicines Evaluation Unit (MEU) to help find participants for a new clinical trial for Graves’ disease patients.

If you are interested in taking part in this trial, please contact the MEU on 0800 655 6553 or Text MEU to 82727.

More information about the MEU can be found at

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  • Wow, it's good compensation!

    I wonder whether it has anything to do with the new atx-gd-59 drug being trialled?

  • Hi Clutter, I've asked them and they have said no, it's not that drug. They can't give out the name as it's a new drug.

  • Yes I've rung them and registered. I'm waiting for them to call back to give me more information. I think the Apitone ATX-GD-59 is only at first trial stage so will be a good while off general trial. My endo works out of wythenshawe and mentioned it to me about six months ago. I'll post what they tell me

  • Okay I've heard back from them. It appears the drug they want to test is actually similar to ATX-GD-59 in so much that's it's a 'vaccine' that they hope will suppress the antibodies for graves which could be given twice a year to patients. This is the first time it will be tested on humans and requires about 15 visits to the hospital including a three day stay. I was thinking of volunteering for the trial but my partners not keen... I can forward the stuff they sent by email to an admin on here if anyone's interested. So I think this drug is at about the same stage as the other one so probably around four to five years from release if it works... I'm not sure now after reading the info but am still considering as I'm desperate to get some quality of life back. What do you all think? Would you go for it?

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