Stabbing inner ear pain

Hi there.

Just wondering if anyone ever experiences stabbing inner ear pain when their meds are not quite right....i accidentally forgot to take my morning dose of t4/t3 again and my inner ear develops terrible pain for some reason...every time i forget to take it this happen!!!

This pain also happened a few yrs ago when i was accidentally given a generic t4 !!!!

I have NO thyroid gland, so i almost immediately feel off if i miss my dose(s).

Why does this ear pain happen?????

Can anyone help me?


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I don't have a thyroid gland either due to Hashi.

I don't get inner ear pain but suffer dramatic pressure changes in my head and tinnitus when meds are accidentally taken late or not working quite as they should.

These are usually my first signs that something is amiss. I also get pain behind my ears if I get over tired.

I think long term undiagnosed low thyroid hormone or mismanaged hypothyroidism, has such far reaching consequences, that some of us may achieve well being but never quite make that full recovery.

Couldn't agree more Radd, the same thing happens to me. I told my old (but good) doctor that I was surprised how sensitively we react to even small differences in doses of thyroid meds and he replied emphatically, "No! It's only a few people who are very sensitive!" He was no expert but he was a good guy. I think what he meant was that I was just one of his "nuisance" patients, i.e. he couldn't just throw a generic at me and I would go away happy for a year or two.

I have suspected Hashimoto and I'm not currently on medication as I haven't seen an Endo yet. I have ear pain in both ears periodically sometimes on a daily basis.

Hi Gardenofeden

Yes I also get stabbing ear pain Ian currently waiting to begin Thyroid treatment. (Hypo) x

And also loud ringing in ears 😳

I get something that sounds like white noise on the end a tape recording turned right up. More pronounced on the right. Pretty sure it's a side effect of taking NDT as it increases for a few hours after taking my drugs.

I have an uncomfortable feeling behind the right ear and down my right side of my neck. I'm due to have my thyroid taken out on the right side, this was supposed to be done on the 10th October this year only my levels of TSH? were to high. I have now been put on to Levothyroxine 50mg to bring down my levels so i can have the operation, i fly to New York on friday and i have to say i feel a little under the weather. Oh and i'm new to all this!

Anyone have any ideas as to why this pain happens??????

I would like to know too. I have had this in the past but hadn't put it down to my thyroid.

Hummm... I have a needle/stabbing pain in only my left ear. I am currently wondering if I have hypothyroidism as I am diagnosed as having ME.. (Pain is worse the more I do) very interesting that others have this pain too.

So I had a disc removed at the end of 2014 and would you Adam and Eve it a car crash with severe whiplash four months later. Ouchy neck 😔

Since then severe constant sore throats, menieres of the most extreme levels (taking at least 192mg of betahistine a day with the maximum a uk GP is able to prescribe being 48mg) and inter-cranial atlas based pain along with searing ear drum pains, swollen/enlarged thyroid and other ent issues, then all of the hypothyroid symptoms and a few hyperthyroid symptoms for added spice.

I never thought to get my thyroid checked out but my rt3 is off and I'm now taking T3 from abroad and that coupled with the mega dose betahistine also imported is making life bearable (an ENT will probably prescribe it in this dosage but won't see them til next month, so self medicating with GPS unofficial knowledge).

I'm relatively new to all of this but from the research I've been able to read, thyroid symptoms permitting there seems to be a risk of getting menieres and ear nerve pain etc from hypothyroidism as well as hypothyroidism from neck surgery and whiplash.

They all can be interconnected and can all trigger each other off.

I'd say anything that's located in the same general area as the thyroid is going to be more likely to become directly affected and the joyous eustation tube is very close and prone to problems at the best of times.

Speak to your doctor about meds like betahistine to see if that helps with the pain on the nerve/eustation tube/drum...

Don't know if I can help but my left ear the tinnitus so bad so loud,my right ear needed syringing , I was referred to audio doctor .I now have 2 hearing aids.I didn't know I had loss of hearing but I have and hearing aids help tinnitus . she asked if I had perforation of ear drum or bad pain as looked as if I had perforation . 2doctors later it's and air bubble of water behind eardrum,please get ears checked,

Iam on Levothyroxine 50micro a day .do these meds affect ears it's just what I read in your posts.xx

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