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Bald spot second one hair fall out

About six months ago I noticed a bald spot on my scalp in my hair that has since grown back now I just discovered another one but it's very small my hair has been falling out like crazy lately what could be causing this

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Theresa72 Have you had any new tests done yet? Old ones are no good as already mentioned, it's been recommended you get new ones done. Low ferritin could be causing your hair loss but you need up to date tests.


I am calling to make a appt right now


When you've got the results, make a new thread and include the reference ranges with the all the results, they can't be interpreted without the ranges.

If you're having any thyroid tests done then book the earliest appointment of the day, no later than 9am, fast from the night before (water only).

If you take thyroid meds or supplements then take them when you get home, not before the blood draw. Thyroid meds should be left off for 24 hours.


Ok thanks


Something is seriously wrong i can tell this aint normal


Its kinda weird but it seems like when I take iron supplements and biotin my hair falls out more


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