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Feeling the cold

Hi I'm really struggling with the cold my skin on stomach back legs an bottoms feel cold too touch even though I enough clothing on. I'm pregnant but have felt like this every winter since I was diagnosed problem is if I turn heating on I get over heated really quickly. Advice please this makes me miserable and ache.

my last bloods were 1.19 so pretty good help?

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Also just too add my hands and feet are warm.. strange


Empathy from me to you. I feel cold but cannot tolerate heat, my hands have always been cold all year long even when I was Hyperthyroid years ago (My cold hands came in useful during menapause and Hyper sweats, warmed them on my forehead and cooled my head at the same time) )I wrap myself up in a cosy throw when sitting for a while, it's easier to take it off than wait for the heating to cool down lol. I get really agitated if I get too warm. X


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