Hernias and Hypothyroidism

I'm convinced I have a hernia under my right breast. I didn't even want to post that as I feel like a right hypochondriac at the moment! I forgot to mention it to the Endo.

I believe I got it during my pregnancy 4yrs ago. Have felt it a couple of times when I have (blushes) engaged in certain sexual positions with my partner. It never bothers me the rest of the time unless I stretch my body at a funny angle.

I have done a little research and feel that it could be tied in with all the current things that are unfolding - the hypothyroidism, (suspected) celiac disease.

Is anyone here suffering with this?

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  • I get all sorts of pain in my torso which I feel.. is muscular due to lingering hypo probs. I get pain right in my solar plexus area when I stretch or reach a certain way and I can't make my mind up whether it's muscular, like diaphragm, hernia or gastric. We shouldn't feel like hypochondriacs but .....Your pain sounds specific so I wouldn't worry about getting it checked out. I don't think doc would flinch about triggerering context.... gosh I've forgotten :)())) good luck.

  • Yes,, I get muscle spasms all the time too!

  • For years I thought that I had a hernia also.. I ended up with having to have surgery to take out my gall bladder ...which I has stones in it. But then a few months after this, I suddenly started having the same pain. It was pancreas! I had acute pancreatitis. Which with other test found out that I had a small cyst in my pancreas. I have to take a medicine called CREON before I eat. Doctor says if it begins to act up again that I should go to the hospital ASAP. He will have to drain it.

    Don't wait too long to find out!! Get to your Doctor asap!

    BTW.. I live in the US.

  • I dont think you can get hernias under breasts. think you can get them in your groin and stomach but under the breast sounds like a really unusual pace for a hernia.

  • All I can say is that I think most of us on here feel as if we're falling apart at times. There is high anxiety, confusion, guilt and paranoia. Get to the doctors and put your mind at rest. Relaxation is the key!

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