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Hypothyroidism ? & Fibromyalgia

Hi I'm new to the forum and although not yet had a helpful blood test .. "Range normal, no action needed' from my GP's receptionist ... I do feel there is something wrong. I have hit the menopause aswell so appreciate some symptoms could be from this of fibro - what I do know is that I feel out of control. I have a stone and a half weight gain, blurred vision, terrible aches & pains, insomnia, chronic tiredness some days, dry eyes, palpatations, can't find the right word sometimes - foggy brain, forgetfulness. Is it worth pursuing a private GP to get some help ? (Berkshire/ Hampshire or Oxfordshire).

I don't know what symptom relates to what problem but I need help !

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Do you have the actual results. Normal isn't the same as optimal. Even if they are normal, they may not be normal for you.

Other things to look into are vitamin D deficiency and also vitamin b12. It might also be worth looking at your cortisol levels too.

I hope you find the answer. It must be very tiring and frustrating for you not getting any answers from your doctor.

Carolyn x


Welcome to the forum, Tillybootwo.

Make a habit of asking for your results with the lab ref ranges as normal is a very broad range and 0.4 and 4.9 can both be normal but won't both be optimal. Ask the receptionist to read the result with the lab ref range which is the figures in brackets after your results. It may be easier to pop in and ask for a printout.

When you have the results and range post them in a new question and members will advise whether you have an underactive thyroid.

Fibromyalgia is a common hypothyroid symptom which can resolve with thyroid replacement therapy but if it isn't due to low thyroid, replacement therapy is unlikely to help.


Hi Tilly, I'll be bold and tell you that it is common for GPs to be in some sort of denial about thyroid problems. True, it often may start with adrenal gland, either hyper or hypo because it connects with thyroid functions. Menopause can be the stressor that begins the roller coaster. They should do a lot of evaluations because it can be a complex condition especially if other factors are involved such as low acid in your stomach which may then cause nutritional deficiencies when causes other things. Just read a few of the other posts here and you will see what others have undergone dealing with the NHS.

This short video explains one incidence of low thyroid and how pervasive it is. There are 22 more videos each with a different example of what goes wrong.


Hi there,

just to say that I have suffered from ME, diagnosed by a neurologist (horrible man!) for 10 years. I was virtually bed bound, in constant pain, had to be fed liquidised food, etc until I started to investigate my thyroid with Dr Peatfield, despite GPs telling me my thyroid was fine. I am now feeling much more human and can type this email. Nothing else made any real difference. Hopefully onwards and upwards!

I haven't yet been convinced that ME/CFS/FM is a clinically distinct illness or things, like thyroid & adrenals, left undiagnosed. Hmmm?

Try to get your results with ranges from the receptionist, they are YOUR results after all. The people on the forum are real experts and will advise you well. Don't let politeness hold you back.

Best wishes,


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Hi! My name is Brenda & I have a problem similar to yours. I have constant pain -in low neck area down on both sides, low back pain, sometimes, it feels like I'm hurting all over my body! I no longer take Synthroid ; but doctor now has me on Liothyronine(2 & a half @25mcg per day). I have wondered whether my pain & aches could be fibromyalgia but my doctor would not talk with me about it. Do you think the 2 are related? Thanks! brenda


Be sure to check Vitamin D levels


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