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Borderline results. Can I do anything to stop underactive thyroid?

I was referred to lipid clinic 2 years ago for high cholesterol which has been monitored as I had high good cholesterol result. It has lowered but at my last visit consultant says he is monitoring my thyroid results as they are borderline but my antibodies are ok. He says there is nothing I can do to self help. Is there????, I always avoid medication where possible so is there anything I can do myself to stop my levels dropping. He wants me tested again in 3 then 6 months

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Do you have any thyroid blood test results with ranges so people can comment ? I think many of us here would be wary of a Doc monitoring thyroid results :-) What did they test ? - if just the TSH then that is a poor indicator of thyroid health.

Do remember that thyroid replacement is a hormone your body cannot adequately produce and is NOT a drug.

Have you considered having tests done privately through Thyroid UK main website with Blue Horizon ?

Raised cholesterol can indicate a thyroid problem .....


I have raised cholesterol and weight gain. Being monitored by a lipid consultant not a gp. On holiday now so not got readings with me but 4 dropped to 3 and also a drop from 13 to 12 was mentioned for t3 and t4 but do my know which is which. Antibodies were ok. Doesn't make much sense to me


Sounds like the first reading was the TSH and the second was the FT4. The first appears a lttle high and the second a liitle low.

When you return from your hols post again in a new post and people will comment.

I would also consider having the following tested - Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD. They all need to be optimal for thyroid hormones to work well and so often are low in the range ......


Thanks Marz. Will do

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