How many people have set up life time event on their facebook?

Today I discovered Lifetime Event on facebook. I beleive it is a good way of raising awareness and supporting all sufferers and Thyroid UK.

It is also a good way of keeping a diary of your symptoms and informing people that are sufferers or who are interested in any updates with the ongoing Thyroid issues and reference to all Thyroid sites.

There are many people that are totally unaware of Thyroid conditions once people are aware I beleive there would be alot more support.

Lifetime Event on facebook can be set to be open to all the public.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Love and Peace to all Kerry XX

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  • Hi Kerry

    It looks very interesting. It is quite similar to what we hope to achieve with the Myhealth section of this site. :-)



  • I don't seem to be able to find this feature on facebook. Can you give us a clue please :)

  • Hi at the top of facebook page you will see where you post on your wall it says status, photo,place next to that it says life event.

    Click on that then put it where you want I chose health and well being then I chose other and called it Thyroid then way you go wite your blog insert your photo and keep adding to it. Have it open to public. I hope that helps. How do you get the smiley faces. LOL

  • snap! *like*



  • Hi Louise would you mind sending me the forms for membership and info pack again for printing and sending please. Lost them. Is there a way of paying online or over the phone?

  • You can use Paypal now if you have an account :)

  • Thanks :)

    you type a : followed by a ) like this : ) but without the space between

  • ah thanks got ya.

  • Hi Carolyn

    Go to your timeline - you should be able to see 'status', 'photo', 'place', 'Life Event'.

    Click on Life Event and there are several options including Helath & Wellness.

    I can email you a print screen if you like..?


  • Ha ha sorted. Facebook can be very good at getting things out. I have noticed there could be far more people on the facebook site not that many really.

  • Thanks :)

  • oh you will need to have your timeline set to public.

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