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Ongoing Cold Sweats

I have tried so many things...I've not taken HRT because of high blood pressure on the pill years ago.

Last week I had to change my clothes 9 times on one day :( Average 5 - 7 times a day.

I should say the sweating is worse when I'm cold!!! Or after exertion or when I'm anxious. Tends to be worse at the beginning of the day after breakfast and a warm drink.

I'm not diagnosed with a thyroid problem but I do have Fibro. It's hard for GPs to know what's Fibro and what's menopause. Throw in possible anti-depressant side-effects and you can see how difficult it is. I have been on low dose Paroxetine for years for anxiety and one GP suggested it might be side-effects. So the last GP I saw put me on a different anti-depressant which I attempted twice previously but it just made me constipated. However this GP suggested I tried it again with a laxative which has helped.

But I'm thinking it may be side-effects to any anti-depressant as I started this one last Friday and the sweats are just as bad. Don't know how long to give the anti-depressants, but would expect them to have worked by now.

I'm at a loss as to what to do. Feeling cold with wringing clothes is making my life a misery :(

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I've had to change 9 times already today, now just before 10 pm :(


I've got great help for my waves of sweating and hot flushes by bio identical progesterone cream and oestriole cream.

Oestriole is an Eostrogen which doesn't increase the risk of cancer.

You can google the products and find where to buy it.

I bought it at


hi rsae

Thanks. I did try Serenity cream which worked for a while but it hasn't worked lately. I may try it again though or have a look at what you suggested. I can't take anything though that has a risk of high blood pressure or clots.


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