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Low Tsh and low t4

Hi everyone, could you give me your thoughts on my husband's blood results please.

His t3 wasn't done, but three months ago, there was a similar result with his t3 over 7. He went to the end as, as he has two large goitres , and told to come back in three months. His tsh is 0.01(0.3-5.0) and his t4 is 10.4(8.4-19.1).( current results)

Why would his t4 be so low when his tsh is suppressed. He has never been on any thyroid meds, and we wouldn't have even known he had a problem if his GP had not given him a random test among others for itchy skin. Even then, if I had not checked his results, and marched him back to the doc's'.we still wouldn't have. He felt his neck, and said there was definitely a goitre, and referred him. He had a scan which showed one each side. He is not showing any signs of being hyper, I know for sure when I am, losing weight, jumpy etc.

He has an appt. on Thursday with the endo, so any help would be very much appreciated. Also, any questions that I should ask. Thanks in advance

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It looks as if the goitres may be active in producing a lot of T3 direct, rather than mostly T4 which the normal thyroid gland makes. If the goitres are active like this, they will suppress the rest of the thyroid (less T4) and also suppress the pituitary (less TSH). If these are autonomous nodules then strong direct T3 production is unusual but known. You'll know more when he appropriate tests are done.


Let us know how he gets on


Hi Silverfox7, thanks for replying.

When he had his last blood test about four months ago, his t3 was over 7, however, on his recent one, it wasn't tested( that's labs for you!) I thought they would being as his tsh was suppressed. He certainly doesn't have symptoms of hyper, or hypo, will be interesting to see what the endo says tomorrow.

Will let you know, thanks again.

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