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Feeling worse than ever???? please help !


Hi it is me back again I feel that I really need some help.I am doing all that was suggested ie vite D & B vits.I have no idea how to get any T3.

Apart from that I am unable to relax but feel I need sleep but find it impossible to do so,I am getting hot flushes. but feel very cold,my eyes are very unsteady one eye in particular distorted vision and aversion to light, I am anxious, uptight and cant settle,

Question can the Levo that I am not converting be the cause of me feeling so unwell.

It was suggested that the levo be reduced and add some T3 but my doctor and the endo poohoo that and they said it would send me mad.well without their help I am almost there.

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Send you mad! lol What will they come up with next? Any old rubbish to put the patient off requesting T3! It's a disgrace.

No, doubtful it's the excess T4 that's making you feel bad. More likely the lack of T3. Did no-one PM you after your last post to give you a link for buying T3? If not, maybe they will after this post. Add the request to your title : Sources for T3, please. Or something like that, that will attract people's attention.

Don't worry, you're not going mad. :)


Have you retested your vitamin levels

Vitamin D was still on low side at last test

How much vitamin D do you take?

Breena in reply to SlowDragon

Yeswe have upped thevit D to 3000 spray daily plus double twice aweek

And also super B-Complex as suggested

Breena in reply to SlowDragon

We are waiting for 6 weeks and will retest vits then


This statement "and add some T3 but my doctor and the endo poohoo that and they said it would send me mad." is untruthful - the aim being to frighten the patient into submission.

Some of us cannot recover our health on levothyroxine - no matter how much we take or how long we try.

The fact, in the UK, nowadays is that T3 has been withdrawn from being prescribed (except by an Endo) due to its cost rising to about £600 per month (rip off by the Pharma companie)s.

Levothyroxine is an inactive hormone (T4) and it has to convert to T3 - liothyronine being the only Active thyroid hormone. It is needed in our millions of T3 receptor cells in order that our metabolism is brought to normal. Our heart and brain need the most T3.

There are two options, NDT (natural dessicated thyroid hormones) which is no longer prescribed by the NHS and was prescribed for many years, safely. In fact, in various forms, since 1892 which saved lives and prevented horrific deaths. Big Pharma has been very persuasive in getting both NDT and T3 withdrawn in preference of levothyroxine. Many do get well on levo but many do not and I think most are on this forum. There is also T3.

I was far worse on levothyroxine than before diagnosis and my TSH was 100.

I am now well, thankfully,and I take T3. It is now very difficult to source but can be This may be helpful:




Send you mad? Ridiculous. Untreated hypothyroidism and dealing with a dumb endo and Doctor is much more likely to push you over the edge. Oh it makes me read that someone said that to you! 😡

Read? Autocorrect strikes again! It makes me mad - it doesn’t make me read! In fact it’s makes me too mad to proof read my messages before I reply. 😱


Roughly where in UK are you?

Email Thyroid UK for list of recommended thyroid specialists, some are happy to prescribe T3 or NDT

please email Dionne


Breena in reply to SlowDragon

Hi thanks for your help we are in surrey/hampshire area.

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Breena

There's a few on the Thyroid UK list in your area then. Eg Kingston or Wimbledon

You can put up a post asking for private messages on people's views of specific Endo, if there's one you are thinking of seeing

Have you tried magnesium supplements? They can help tight muscles to relax.

Low magnesium is very common in the population as a whole, and is probably a lot more common in people with thyroid problems because we have so many problems with gut dysfunction.


Magnesium supplements come in many different forms - you can swallow them, put them in the bath and used as a soak, or they can be sprayed on the skin. If you decided to take one you should choose the one most applicable to you :


Magnesium often makes people a bit sleepy so take it in the evening or just before bed. It may help you to relax.

Personally I take a supplement called Natural Calm (made from magnesium citrate) which is available in different tub sizes and flavours on Amazon and elsewhere. It's a powder you put in water and drink.

This suggestion (about magnesium supplements) is intended to be an addition to any info you get on T3. It isn't a substitute for T3.

Breena in reply to humanbean

yes we have been taking that for some time the only vits and mins we are down in are vitD and B complex which we have addressed.

thanks for your advice.

humanbean in reply to Breena

Blood tests for magnesium levels are misleading and are almost completely pointless in most cases. The body needs magnesium in the blood and in the cells of the body. If there is a deficiency the body takes magnesium out of the cells and puts it into the blood. So blood levels of magnesium can stay "in the normal range" even when the body is very deficient indeed.

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