? Hashi Flair Up, What Do l Do?

I think I'm finally getting the hang of recognising a Hashi Flair. But what do l do medication wise? Do l stop for a few days? My TSH (and I'm using this as confirmation of the symptoms l have) has gone from 6 to 0.9 in three weeks. I have spent almost a year slowly increasing my NDT up to 2 grains which l have been stable and felt fairly okay on for the last 4 months.

My flair ups seem to be around this time of year and I've been unwell with a horrible virus and bad chest.

So in a nutshell, l don't know what to do 😢😢😭

Any advice would be great! xxx

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  • Bombus,

    You should continue taking your NDT daily. Have you had FT4 and FT3 tested? It is very unlikely you are over medicated with TSH 0.9.

  • Bombus

    Am interested in how you know when you are having a flare up?

  • I thought with a hashimoto flare up that tsh would go up not down?


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