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Further to my recent posting regarding the possibility of taking some T3 in addition to or even instead of (eventually if there is an improvement) as suggested by my doctor at my last appointment if I still don't feel well, can anyone please let me know if there are different brands of T3 as well as dosages and if there is a particular one I should request. Are some better than others? I have arranged a blood test plus a follow up appointment with my doctor next week so I would like to go armed with all the facts. Thanks.

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  • Batchelor23,

    There is only one generic T3 prescribed in the UK. It's Mercury Pharma Liothyronine 20mcg. If you need less than 20mcg you'll need to buy a pillcutter to chop the 20mcg down.

  • Many thanks :-)

  • My endo previously prescribed Mercury Pharma Lioythyronine in 5mcg for easy multi dosing.

  • Oops sorry.....

    T3 5mcg pills are not Mercury Pharma but supplied in a plain brown bottle from hospital pharmacy.

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