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My results

My results

Hi my sister suffers with hashimotos & I share most of her symptoms & she's sure I also have it. I've had my bloods done at the Drs which have come back "normal" but this also happened to my sister untill someone on thyroid U.K. Helped her to understand the results & eventually the Drs diagnosed her. I'm looking for help to understand my results please!! Thanks 😊

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I'm sorry but l can't read that. You may have to write the results out. x

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Sorry I don't really understand them...I think someone else has put them up though x


Sianny-82 Your TSH is good but you need more than those tests to know if you have Hashimoto's or non-hashi's hypothyroidism. You need:




TPO antibodies (Thyroid Peroxidase)

TG antibodies (Thyroglobulin)

And it would be useful to have:

Vit D



considering you have had ferritin done.

If your GP won't do them you can get them done with a fingerprick test at home

Your ferritin is very low. Did your GP prescribe anything?


Hi, thanks for replying! No I've not been prescribed anything was just told these were normal & sent away-although it was a struggle to get my results from them. I will go back & request further tests although I'm not very confident they will do them!! Im not in a position to pay £99 for the kit atm😔 X


your GP is falsley relying on TSH alone which simply is not enough because if you also have Central Hypothyroid your TSH will always be low far too few GPs know anything more than a smattering of primary hypothyroid which is very different

low ferritin is virtually always present in hypothyroid

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Thanks for the reply ! Not really sure what any if this means though lol


You need to read every bit of info on and in resources on until you do understand becos its the only way to get what you need from the medics or self treat


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