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any advice please

Just had my latest blood results and they are T4 29.4 (normal 11-26) T3 6.5 (normal 3-6)and TSH 0.05 didn't get to speak to my doctor just the receptionist who said results were ok and to keep on the meds I am supposed to stay on carbimazole and thyroxine till the 30th November then to stop all medication and see what happens the hospital were not very helpful but my GP has and admitted hes no expert on thyroid problems he is the one who is having me tested every 6/8 weeks do I need to worry that T4 is a little high feel ok in myself at the moment and advice I would be very grateful thank you in advance

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You are a little over medicated on Levothyroxine to have FT4 and FT3 over range. Reducing dose by 25mcg should be sufficient to bring FT4 and FT3 into range but if you prefer to wait for your endo to decide it won't do any harm to wait.

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