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Is Ashwagandha safe to use with thyroid issues?

Hi All,

I wanted to use this herb to help me with mood and other benefits, but I have read in a few places on the internet that it can increase thyoxine. I suffer from hasimotos and have just now got my thyroid level settled after swinging between hypo and hyper. I dont want to risk that balance now. So just wandering if anyone has any knowledge or experience with this herb please?

Many thanks

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My naturopath suggested I take Ashwagandha to aid my adrenals but it must have increased my body's reaction to the thyroxin because my heart went wild, pounding in my chest. The reaction was pretty much immediate so I only took it for two days and stopped. Some people use it successfully. I switched to desiccated adrenal instead.

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Thank you Teenarocks. These herbs are more potent then we think. The research I have read does suggest that it increases thyroxine. Im gonna be thinking twice about taking this. Thank you for sharing.


I take it and it helps feel more chilled and sleepy at night time. So currently one of these at night (I take true veda) and then 1 nutri adrenal at the morning (apparently you can have up to 5 of these?!?!?!?). I really don't think it's for everyone though.




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