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Turning hypo & has Anyone done the adrenal saliva test?

Hi all,

I am hypo, Hashimotos, reverse t3, have both sets of antibodies both high, was on 75 but now on levo 100 at mo. Due to retest shortly with blue horizon.

Anyway since I have been on 100, my throat feels sore, and tongue coated. My palpations have stopped but my anxiety is awful. Especially first thing in the morning (take my levo at 6am on empty stomach etc) doing all the vits etc., I cannot function or think straight before 11am, never felt so out of control, like I am going mad. I obsess about things and spend my day in a state. I am losing weight and have more energy than before but my head is somewhere else. I can't even hear properly. Honestly I am just so confused it's like l am walking zombie. I know the retest will help see what's happening, and I may have to reduce, but could I be going hypo?

Also, I have been reading up about adrenals and I fit most of the symptoms. Has anyone had the test, and felt better for taking treatment?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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I know I have mentioned this many times. Often the key to adrenal and thyroid function is blood sugar levels. A ketogenic or low GI diet will help create insulin and blood sugar stability. If you suffer with dysglycemia (a more accurate term for hypoglycemia) your cortisol levels will automatically spiral out of control. Elevated cortisol can lead to pregnenolone steal.

Pregnenolone is used to make excess cortisol and deficiencies in other hormones may occur. Pregnenolone is considered the mother of all hormones it is used to produce cortisol, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone, androstenedione, oestrogen and estradiol.

In short blood sugar fluctuations use up the hormonal base for progesterone, DHEA, testosterone, androstenedione, oestrogen and estradiol due to it being diverted down the cortisol pathway.

Simplest and easiest option is stabilize blood sugars.

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Thank you I will look into this in more detail. I am currently gluten free. I had no idea sugar fluctuations could be so harmful & I do have a sweet tooth, so I need to be more careful and perhaps avoid sugar altogether.


You are probably still under-medicated. I don't know what you mean by 'going' hypo, you are already hypo. And, what exactly are 'all the vits etc'? Did you get tested for any of them before starting supplementing?


Sorry I meant could I be over medicated - going from under to over. Yes tested for supplements & iron was abit low. Retest soon will tell more. Just this anxiety & fog brain driving me mad.


Anxiety can also be a hypo symptom. And brain fog is certainly a hypo symptom. Sounds more like you're under-medicated, not over. But, you could be having a Hashi's swing. If so, remember that it is temporary.


I will. Thank you for your help.


You're welcome.


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