Blood test at GP on Tuesday

Had a call from the Drs today asking me to go in for my yearly Asthma check up, flu jab...and then as an aside the receptionist said that my bloods were due. Now I've had tons of blood tests over the past 6-8 months whilst they try and figure out my headaches/migraines and I'm sure they've checked my levels in that time. I recently had to have an emergency prescription for levo as I'd misplaced a month's supply (I must have either put it somewhere unusual or lost it on holidays/hotels etc). I suspect I've been called back in as they think I've increased my dosage. Which, to be fair, I have done in the past and only owned up afterwards (from 75 up to 100).

Anyway, the key issue is I've started self medicating with T3 - to be honest, I feel a little better for a few hours (more energy, less foggy thinking) but mornings are still hellish. The appointment is booked for 9am which is my normal time for bloods (give or take an hour) so won't take either medication beforehand...but I'm worried that my bloods might show that I don't need Levo anymore - is that possible?

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  • Polgara36,

    Are you taking T3 in addition to Levothyroxine or instead of?

  • In addition - I have reduced my levo to 75 and take 25 T3

  • What were you on before? I was on 100mcg T4 and when they added in 10mcg of T3 they reduced the T4 to 75mcg so you may be taking a little too much T3.

  • Polgara36,

    75mcg Levothyroxine + 25mcg T3 is equivalent to 150mcg Levothyroxine. You should expect to see suppressed TSH, lower FT4 and higher FT3. FT3 should remain within range.

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