Hello, still quite new here, and I looking to try to change from Levo to NDT, and due to a gluten and lactose allergy, I've found that Westhroid is probably the best one for me.

Just wondering if anyone could PM me and their experience on it, a little info on dosage (I am currently on 100 of pure liquid Levo) and where the best place to buy it. I am in the UK and struggling to source it, hopefully buying it with a credit card.

As always, thank you very much for any help, this place is such a lifeline.

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  • Not meaning to be picky, but Westhroid is no longer available.

    The manufacture, RLC, for some years produced two products, Nature-Throid and Westhroid, which were identical. Originally they were slightly different but at some point they changed them to be the same. (I get the impression that having made the hypo-allergenic Nature-Throid they saw no advantage in keeping any other formulation going.)

    A few years ago RLC did see an opportunity to produce a product which reduced the number of other ingredients (excipients) to an absolute minimum. When launched RLC called it Westhroid P - with the result that many people were confused. So it was renamed as WP Thyroid.

    You are unlikely to find it possible to use a credit card to buy it. The credit card companies (primarily Visa and Mastercard) have clamped down and made it almost impossible for people to use credit or debit cards to buy medicines without prescription.

    You might find this link of use in terms of changing to WP Thyroid:


  • I am on 125mg of lethrothyroxine and am on a gluten, dairy and soya free diet due to a bowel condition. Does lethrothyroxine have gluten and dairy in it then?

  • Kerry,

    Some members have found one brand of levo to be more more beneficial than othesr, although they are all "supposed" to be the same.

    Isabella Wentz states many thyroid meds contain gluten (& other) & only two brands of Levo are gluten-free.


    Gluten Free meds



    Thyroid Hormone Replacement Meds


  • In general all UK medicines are supposed to be gluten-free unless they have an obvious ingredient.

    All UK levothyroxine contains lactose.

  • yes it has gluten in it

  • Bellerin,

    Re helvella's reply, I take WP Thyroid and have achieved good well being on it. I purchase online by bank balance transfer.

    PM me if you would like online supplier details.

    Many members find NDT is only easily tolerated when iron , Vit B12, folate, and Vit D are optimal, cortisol issues are addressed and thyroid antibodies are low..

  • Please could you pm me where I can purchase WP Thyroid from.

  • Hi Radd,

    Please could you also pm me the details where I can purchase from?

  • can you pm me

  • Hi raff,could you possibly pm me the supplier of WP Thyroid . Not getting on with levothyroxine,don't know wether it's fillers .

    Very grateful.

  • Hi Becky

    Westhroid is now WP Thyroid . I take it ( although never been on Levo) I get it from the USA and am doing really well on it . I found my level pretty quickly .

  • Please could you pm me where I can buy WP Thyroid.

  • I'm about to start Erfa on Friday this week (I know that sounds very specific but I have a day off work that day so thought it would be a better idea than on a working day. I'm assured Erfa is gluten free and I do have Coeliac Disease (diagnosed over 40 years ago) so my meds have to be gluten free.

    I'm fairly sure I've checked Levo in the past as I've been taking it for about 8 years, but don't think I'm converting to T3. Had a blood test recently via an Endo in London and T3 was right at the bottom of the range as it was in a test I had done by Blue Horizon a couple of months ago.

    Erfa may not be the answer, but I've got to try something. The Erfa has also been prescribed by the Endo in London.

    This forum is so very useful, thank you to everyone who posts, especially those who have such good knowledge and experience. I've learned loads since being here.

  • I started with Naturethroid in July 2015 then changed to WP Thyroid in April this year.It has no additives just coconut and inulin.I am doing o.k on it,but have spent this year also improving my B12,D,Folate and Ferritin levels after advice from this site.I am also wheat,gluten,and dairy free.I have Hashimotos but my antibodies are about 5.I am sure it is down to taking NDT,and the above.Just started working with a Naturopath to deal with my digestive issues and food intolerances.

    I took Levothyroxine for 7 years becoming increasingly worse.Check out all the additives in the drug...usually ones we should avoid!!

  • getrealthyroid.com/ this is a rlc website that shows the difference between nature throid and WP THYROID ...i wish i had started on wp thyroid hence nature throid seems to be a little weird to me and my guess is on of the fillers hence wp has only 3 fillers so it has less chance and this site explains the difference in the two by manufacturer......i have talked to people that didnt do well on nature throid and was great on wp thyroid and said it was night and day...so that gives me hope that changing to wp could be best. i take 1.5 grains now hence i tried 1 grain and went hypo quickly yet may need up to 2 grains , i was also on 100 t4 so i am waiting blood test now.....but i would make sure that your adrenals and iron and b12 and d3 etc are all good bec the first time i tried ndt, i didnt do so well and dr said that was a red flag something else was off and sure enough i had low dhea,low iron, high cortisol,low b12 , etc...i also think for me there was a adjusting period hence i felt little funny at first so dont let that freak you out.....and i split my dose away from food and vitamins

  • Thank so much for all your info, I will have a look and dig a bit deeper. I really want to try it, but I was struggling to find an NDT without Lactose, so I'm hoping this one will work out :) Thanks again.

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