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feeling lousy

TSH 13.7, FT3 4.9

50mcg T3 added 50mcg levo 20th september

2 days ago i felt a tiny bit better and i noticed i was breathing better

yesterday breathing seemed worse, today back to full blown air hunger

stats are ok oxygen 98 pulse 72

im thinking maybe a 6.25mcg t3 increase but not sure as just added the t4 in 8 days ago

anxiety bad too, really thirsty

edited to add

pulse increased to allmost 90 by the end of the day

chest feels tight, breathing still bad, headache no energy

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I think the results were based on 40mcg T3 you were taking before adding T4?

You should wait for the T4 to kick in and have a thyroid test in 6 weeks before adding more T3.


i dont think ill be able to handle this for much longer :(

the dose i was on at time of test was 40-50mcg depending how i felt on the day

i feel worse now than i did back then



Did you feel worse when you took T4 previously?


when i was on T4 only i had constant palpitations and air hunger



Did you feel any improvement when T3 was added?


i went from T4 only to NDT (nature throid) and i did great for about 8 months and then suddenly my heart rate shot up to 150+ i kept dropping my dose until i got to 1/4 grain and still my heart would race, dr then gave me a one off script for liothyronine which i started at 5mcg daily and slowly increased

did the saliva cortisol test and all 4 came back high

lio ran out so i went on to tiromel got up to 62.5mcg alongside holy basil for cortisol

seen endo and TSH0.50 she said i was over medicated because i had palpitations and anxiety (the hear rate increase as allways been a sign of needing an increase) so dropped my dose to 40mcg liothyronine prescribed by her

i dropped my dose as instructed and things went downhill from there

march i had bloods done through endo TSH was 5 something i think and low FT$ so she increased T3 to 6mcg daily and ive never been able to get past 50mcg and allways felt awful on lio so now back on tiromel



I can only suggest you give the T4 time to work. If you start raising T3 dose while T4 is kicking in you may become over medicated.


ok thank you


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