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GP and Armour

Hi, I´ve been on Armour for some time, but after I moved to UK a year ago I have not been able to get it and always have to talk to my former doctor back in Iceland to get new prescription and find someone traveling between Iceland and UK to bring it.

But now I have been to a Functional Medicine Doctor who also is a GP with NHS, she wants to look into how to get Armour. I told her that there are some people who get it from their GP...I think I read it here? At least some people get it from a specialist.

Is anyone who can give me some info I can bring to her, to help her find out?

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Hi <online source> sells it.Stop The Thyroid Madness might have info on how to go about getting it through a g.p

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Stop The Thyroid Madness is based in Texas and appears to know little of the UK.

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I don't see why it can't be posted from Iceland! You are allowed to have medicines sent to you for your own use (so long as they are not Controlled Drugs - and Armour Thyroid isn't one of those). Or is there a problem at the Iceland end?

Many people would actually say it is easier to source your own!

Basically, all a doctor has to do is write "Armour Thyroid", dosage and number of tablets on a prescription form. And handle the phone call from some pharmacy that doesn't know anything. And handle the questions from other doctors and their local Clinical Commissioning Group into why they are prescribing it.

The pharmacy takes the prescription and calls Idis a specialist importer - if they are willing to handle it.

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