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I recent had what I thought was going to be an Intrinsic Factor Antibody blood test, it actually transpires that my bloods were sent on for further tests (IF not done I don't believe) but I have now had a Serum Methylmalonic Acid Level test done which gives a result of 0.33 (range 0 - .29 umol/L). The IF test was originally requested due to suspected B12 deficiency but it seems I am now travelling down a rabbit hole.

The GP (who is new btw and seems to actually listen) spoke to me about my results and explained she did not want to put be straight onto B12 injections until she spoke to a specialist haematologist as my results are complicated. I also have a low Serum Total Protein 64 (range 66 - 87g/L) and generally my Folate is low but at present its had a boost by tablets and is 20 (range 4.6 - 18.7 ug/L) at present but it never stays up there.

Obviously having spent years trying to get someone to listen I am now relieved but also concerned, initially I though I might have perinous anaemia but my results are not leading in that direction.

Any clues anyone - all paths will be followed thanks


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Link for the PA community on HealthUnlocked :

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Hi, MMA is best test to see where you are with B12 at a cellular level. I would be impressed that they knew what it was and did it without being asked. Homocysteine is the other one that should be done.

When you say you supplement folate, B9- do you take a B complex as this of course will affect the B12 too? Saying that, it is elevated still so you are deficient. Guidelines state not to wait but to start on treatment as delay can cause irreversible nerve damage - I assume you have whole list of symptoms- some of which you hadn't realised until seeing a list?!

IF should be done, note it is unreliable- if comes bk yes you have PA- then this is correct- unfortunately high percentage come bk negative for PA but this may be wrong 50-60%.

Consider a stool test to see where your gut is at - could be cause of the malabsorption.



Jo, thank you for reply. I was surprised that my bloods were sent on further but as I mentioned previously she is a new GP and probably eager, she told me my case is complicated and was not drawn on a definitive diagnosis until she spoke to a haematologist which again I was shocked and stunned by. I am waiting for call to discuss whether or not b12 injections will be started.

My mother has them due to her age, poor appetite but her GP confirm it was also auto immune related, so guessing genetic probability comes into play along with my hypothyroidism.

I have been looking on the PAS website and am surprised to see so many of my symptoms on their list, even things I didn't relate to PA. Still not certain that's what I have though, just know I am thoroughly fed up with everything.



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