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Good Morning everyone, Ihave been on levo alternating between 75/100mg doses on a daily basis. I have recently managed to see an endo through works private healthcare as some symptoms still lingering eg lack of energy and joint aches and pains. which started when I went on levo. He sent me for the cortisol test which came back not showing any problems.Today I saw him (was surprised that he works Sundays!) and he suggested a trial of T3 for 3 months of 5mg daily to be added to alternate doses of 75/100 of levo. He didn't give me my recent bloods , said he would post to me so I cant add them to my note here today. My question is this is a private prescription he has given me - does anyone know how much a 3 month supply of T3 will cost me ? If its going to be extortionate would it be reasonable for me to just order of one off the suppliers that other users have kindly shared with me. Not sure what brand of T3 is available in the UK. If anyone could advise what brand I should order if I do go via online supplier I would appreciate it. I am on Wockhardt levo as it was the one that suited me best, had problems with Actavis . Is it reasonable for me to order online if the private prescription is too expensive? He said it was best to buy privately for the trial and if the trial works we then have some evidence to convince the NHS. Any advice appreciated. Regards moira

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I'm afraid my source has dried up (others still order online and will pm you) but I wanted to say I'd be surprised if such a tiny dose of t3 will help much. If you have no joy in a week or two after adding t3 I'd express an interest in increasing the dose (you may have to reduce your levo a little bit depending on what your blood tests show).

I'm saying this because of my own experience (t3 didn't work for me at 5mcg, but worked brilliantly at 10) and I've read that a lot of the research which 'proves' the lack of effectiveness of t3/t4 treatment has failed because too little t3 was administered.


Hi Eljii, thanks for taking the time to reply, from previous enquirers on this forum regarding starting T3, the advice has generally been given to start "low and slow" so I am happy to do this and following bloods 6 weeks later increase if need be, that is assuming T3 agrees with me. My post was asking about the cost of getting the private prescription fulfilled and if it was a ridiculous amount whether it is possible to buy the equivalent brand online as I believe Mercury Pharma are the only supplier of T3 in the UK. Regards moira


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