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Strange sensations in the thyroid itself

Has anyone who has been diagnosed with any type of thyroid issues suffered with weird sensations within the actual thyroid? My thyroid seems to pulsate, throb, and sometimes feels 'prickly'.

Has anyone come across this sort of thing whilst reading, or browsing thyroid related stories?

This is in the throat area so maybe something else entirely.


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Hi there, I am also new to this I have an overactive thyroid and this was one of my symptoms before I found out. I have a goitre in my throat which pulsates when my levels are high, the docs are still messing with my meds to get my levels correct i was prescribed 60mg of carbizmole then they lowered it to 30mg which was too low so now I'm on 40mg. I'm also having a scan on Monday to see if my goitre is toxic which is quite scarey but hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. Good luck I'd have a visit to the docs if I were you get it checked out.

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Thank you for the reply. I'm not on any thyroid meds, but interesting how it was a symptom prior to your treatment.

I will try my GP (right!), and try to get this looked into further.

Btw, with an overactive thyroid did it effect your moods, ie similar to bipolar? I ask as sometimes I get 'manic', then it subsides and I feel normal.


Oh yes I thought I was going through the change I had major mood swings at times I could of murdered someone also I overheated became very tired but then also suffered with insomnia my periods were crazy too. Hope you get it sorted .

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If its inflamed it can produce weird sensations..mine was downright sore initially.gone to just being aware of it now with prickly flashes...


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