Sick of this miserable existence

I'm sorry to be so gloomy but need to vent my thoughts as I just can't stop crying. It has been suggested that the natural progesterone cream has really upset my hormones that is why I am feeling so depressed, tearful and annoyed. So if I can't take this natural cream for my early menopause and bone density issue, what can I take? I am also still very cold, even in this heat, people making comments because I had a light fleece jacket on. Also attempted to eat at a tearoom - was really ill afterwards and now have developed a rash on my lower back, bottom and legs, as if I wasn't suffering enough. My pulse is really high and I have really had enough now. Even had an argument with my partner - I thought he was the one person who understand my suffering. I feel terriblely ill, don't know how I can face work tomorrow, especially if I can't stop crying. Everything looks so hopeless. One massive battle and no chance of getting well, just one evergrowing list of symptoms. No one to turn to. Can't face life anymore. Thank you for listening

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  • Hi Kitten-whiskers going by your previous posts I really think you should change doctors in the hope that ypu might find one who is willing to take your illness and early menopause seriously.

    You do sound very unwell. I also think you should ask to be signed off with a fit note. A few weeks ago I was in a similar state and my doctor signed me off for 4 weeks (the only thing he willingly puts his signature to are sick notes and prescriptions for antidepressants!!

    You're not alone. There are countless folk on here who are on their knees so please don't give up.

    Sending you waves of solidarity

    Lu xx

  • Thank you Lulu, most appreciated. I did change surgery's but then ended up changing back, it seems like they are all uninterested. I feel so unwell but too worn out to argue with the GP :<

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad! Hope you have a better day today. It can be really confusing trying to figure out how to get better with all this complex information often conflicting and then having lots of different symptoms, allergies etc. What is the natural progesterone cream you tried. I just used acupuncture and massage when I went through early menopause as I am allergic to many things. I also started meditating, it really helped me. I definitely didn't want HRT. That and eating healthy, mostly fresh greens salads pulses fruits. Also it really helped me to do exercise, walking was great and it helps your bone density, And I tried to have time just for me. It's totally natural and part of our life cycles to have menopause and the great thing is no more periods when it's done 😀😀so try to treat it as a natural part of life rather than something to be medically treated despite what the doctors say.

    Good luck just take it one day at a time. X

  • Thank you Afshan64, I have just started a food diary today - so hopefully that will shed some light on to things. It wasn't so much the menopause symptoms, it was more proventing Osteoporosis that was worrying me. I am trying to keep my food simple and free from all the added rubbish. The progestrone cream was one I purchased from a reputable company in Jersey.

    Thank you

  • Make a list of calcium rich foods and stick it on your fridge. make sure to include some in every meal. And also take vitamin D/ get it checked if you haven't, and lastly, walking and weight bearing exercises. A little every day.

  • Thank you Afshan64 - very postitive, just what I needed : >

  • Actually there is now quite serious debate about whether milk, and calcium supplements might not be part of the cause of osteoporosis. I had a late menopause, but was diagnosed osteoporotic at 46. Still not broken any bones, though.

    You need to have a good diet, high in animal fats and vegetables, and low - lowis in carbs. Make sure your Vitamin D is good - get yourself out in the sunshine while it lasts, even if you can't do more than sit!

    I don't think the natural progesterone cream is helpful for bones, its low oestrogen that causes osteoporosis. NDT contains calcitonin which is involved in bone formation - another good reason for taking it, and the reason that my bones haven't basically got any worse since I started taking NDT, I suspect. If you actually have osteoporosis (artificial) calcitonin is one of the drugs they give.

    I too think you should go to the doctor and get signed off.

  • Hello Ruthi, it sounds like you have had a tough time of it to.

    I don't have much in the way of dairy as it doesn't agree with me and I got my vitamin D levels were just slightly over minimum range - which according to the GP is acceptable - I have been taking a Vitamin D supplement ever since.

    There is so much information out there and so many differen't opinions, its almost impossible to know what to do for the best, although I would have thought some estrogen would have been benefical but the doctors don't think its a good idea - it's so frustrating isn't it : <

    Take care Ruthi

    Best wishes


  • You are probably depressed because your meds are too low. Depression is a SYMPTOM of being under active not a seperate diagnosis.

  • Hello Glynirose, thank you for your reply. My Thyroid has been under treated best part of all my life, so why suddenly such bad depression and crying for no reason has cropped up? I do think its more hormonal and not to mention how utterly terrible I feel - of course the thyroid isn't responsible for all of that as I have many other health issues now

    Best wishes

  • No, its more down to being under medicated and builds up.

  • Thank You Glynirose

  • Sometimes people think we're depressed but really were just feed up with people not understanding

  • have no idea what is wronghere I keep tryingto post dr dame Shirley bond progesterone doc and it keeps saying post is flagged up as inappropriate!

  • kitten whiskers-never give up- I have been really really ill since 200 7, I wrote out a hurried makeshift note for a 'will' at home, but you are a fighter - we are all fighters, give us the boyfriend to deal with -- stick him on here-- - go to gp and get a sick note, even you cry in

    there-- then take each day slowly- each day is a new dawn and a new day, and when you can rest and not under pressure you will feel less tense, then decide if you can afford to see a nutritionist/ or a private doctor may help? if you are in early menopause- allhormones will be out- not sure wher eyou are but I know this lady does fone consults- she is a hormone doctor well versed in progesterone- dame Shirley-oh heck my memory I will get back to you in a moment, --im back now with her web. give her a call ok. wish you well and keep us posted. dr. dame shirley bond.

  • Hello Bluepettals2,

    Thank you very much for your reply. I want to be well, I am so fed up with this. Every day a struggle, every task daunting. seem to be allergic to so much. I did click on your link but she is recommending the progestrone cream I was taking. It's a no win situation. I think it's time to stop fighting

  • Yeah, but the doses on the tube are way too low if you have a real problem. I'm on 125 of progesterone a day, plus oestrogen and DHEA. Some people don't do well with creams and need intra vaginal or sub lingual meds. You can't get a high enough dose without prescription unless your deficiency is very mild. I suspect Dame Shirly is trying to suggest something that will help people who don't want/won't pay for a full consultation. Bite the bullet, go a for a full consult with someone (read websites and reviews first and, if you can, talk to the clinic). I travel 4 hours each way for mine.

  • Been there mrs...Ive lived a miserable existence for nigh on 5-6 years with the big M, Thyroid disease and Adrenal issues. Ive spent the price of a car on tests, vitamin pills, literature and anything to do with self help..

    Personally Im now of the opnion its a horrible hormonal transition that some women suffer with and some dont.

    Try and hang in there.

  • Thank you sunshinegirl, it sounds like are situations are simillar : <

  • HelloI Natural Progesterone cream is fantastic! I am 66 now and have been taking it since the age of 46 and have not had any menopause symptoms. I read Lesley Kenton's book "Passage to Power" many years ago and followed her advice to take it.... no-one did then... I cannot remember how I got it, I think went to a private doctor in UK but now on the internet of course.... would advise all women to take it.....never take HRT... I am hypo and take T3 only. Been to see Dr P in the past, followed his protocol but only got better after taking T3 only. I hope this helps too! Blessings to you.

  • Hello Christina,

    Thank you for your reply. This is the cream I am referring to. I guess it doesn't suit everyone. I think the menopause symptoms are the least of my health problems

    Best wishes

  • Get a sick note take time for yourself to recover forget about everyone els concentrate on yourself I found that my partner needed time to himself aswell so I made him do the things he liked

  • Thank you Jenny, I do need a rest.

  • Maybe it's not progesterone you need Kitten-whiskers, it's all sooo complicated isn't it?

    Are you taking enough magnesium if you're worried about bone density? I'm just reading the Magnesium Miracle which is most illuminating.

    As is Dr Amen's Change your Brain Change your Body which I found in the library the other day and just spent another sleepless night reading. He seems to be suggesting it's oestrogen rather than progesterone we need for bones - a good chapter on hormones.

    Have you done a saliva cortisol test to check your adrenals if you've had thyroid issues for so long? And have you cut wheat right out of your diet?

    I agree, it is a massive battle and with no-one to turn to in the NHS. But there are lots of wise and helpful people on here to help you with your detective work and the internet is a wonderful resource too. There is a lot of trial and error but there is a chance of getting well if we keep at it - well we have to believe that! I've been where you are now and although I'm far from out of the woods yet, I'm a lot better than I was. So please don't give up, just be very kind and gentle with yourself while you feel so low and keep talking to us all on here, we're all rooting for you.

  • Good afternoon Dina7, thank you for your reply. I am so glad to hear you have made improvements. I do take Magnesium Malate - that is fantastic for my Fibro.

    I did have the Saliva Cortisol test done about five years ago - it showed adrenal fatique and I have been Gluten Free for nearly 2 years now. I thought of doing the York food testing but that is £300, I am already paying out hundreds of pounds of various supplements/treatments but I feel particulary dreadful. I had two weeks of real improvement and then things started to tale of then wallop - right back down and for know obvious reason.

    I have been refused Estogen because I am "two young" which of course I could buy if needed but I don't know enough about hormones, maybe when I am feeling a bit better, read up on them and see if I can make some sort of sense of it all

    Take Care

    Best wishes


  • Hi Dina, Dr. Jon Barron once said progesterone is the only substance that will build bone and I have not read anything that changes that opinion. Just a quick google finds these comments.

    a study performed by Dr. John R. Lee in Sabastopol, Calif. Dr. Lee's 1991 findings revealed a progressive increase in bone mineral density as well as pain relief, height stabilization, increased physical activity and fracture prevention in women who take regular doses of natural progesterone.

    Progesterone has bone-forming activity by binding to receptors on the osteoblasts. This explains the decreases in spinal bone density seen in premenopausal women with low progesterone levels. In the Michigan Bone Health Study, those premenopausal women with the lowest bone mass had the highest rates of progesterone deficiency.

    However, all foremost authorities on this subject agree that progesterone is far more important for osteoporosis than is estrogen. Progesterone helps to build new bone. It¹s like having a bank balance. Estrogen helps you to spend less, but progesterone puts new cash into your account. Therefore, using progesterone, and deciding what form you want to use, is essential for your bone health.

    Estrogen slows the action of osteoclasts an

    d thus prevents bone loss. Progesterone

    directly stimulates osteob

    lasts to make new bone.

  • NHS docs love to blame anything "not invented here" by the NHS for all ills. Now it could be progesterone/oestrogen/testosterone imbalance - the only way to find out is to get sex hormones tested privately by a doctor who specialises in hormone replacement. Could be a load of other things. I spent 7 years trying to self-medicate for menopause, but I needed more than just progesterone and it wasn't until I went for a professional prescription that things started to clear up and it still took a few years to get the levels right (expensive too, but I think I'd have killed myself if I hadn't done it).

  • Hello Angel_of_the_North

    I am spending so much money now, its just crazy and I wouldn't mind if I was feeling well, I really feel like hell, it doesn't help with my mood being so low and so tearful. I will have to bite the bullet before things get even worse, if thats possible.

    Thank you very much for your posts -- they have been very helpful.

  • Chin up, sweetheart, you'll make it. I know you will.

  • I went through the worst menopause you can imagine. I had every symptom and life became a black hole of depression of a magnitude I never thought was possible in me. Hang in there, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! One thing I learned is that progesterone made me feel awful! I could take only a tiny bit. Any more and I would get double vision, sharp pain in my temples, be emotional and cry all the time, and SO angry! What I did need was more estrogen, it made me feel like myself again. I found a compounding pharmacy (I live in the US) and got bio-identical hormones and it was a real game changer. I always took the full dose of estrogen and only a tiny amount of the progesterone, or sometimes none at all for days at a time.

  • Thank you Gummette, I am so glad I am not the only person to have reacted badly to Progesterone, but sorry you had to go though it, the menopause wasn't very nice but has been made 100 times worse by this progesterone cream.

    Take Care


  • Sometimes being a woman seems not much fun, does it? 8-) Strictly speaking if you take the progesterone cream you are doing HRT but in its bio-identical form. And sometimes it only helps to a point to do it on your own. Angel said it all - the best way to proceed is to check your hormones and to go to somebody who specialises in bio-identical hormones treatment as well as do more investigatng into vitamines, supplements, allergies etc. Marion Gluck clinic in London is a good place to start (as is her book It Must Be My Hormones). Personally, I find that my depressive tendencies are best kept at bay by fish oils (as recommended by my kinesiologist) and EFT (tapping). Yoga breathing exercises help too. We are really all in the same boat and you are definitely not alone so keep swimming sister 8-)

  • Thank you Samaja - I really appreciate your kind words : >

  • Hi kitten-whiskers

    Just wondering have you tried another method of delivering progesterone instead of creams. Eg vaginal or oral.

    Only asking because the creams didn't help me much but when i went on to bio identical oral progesterone capsules alot of my hormonal symptoms disappeared.

    I believe you can get it on the nhs. It's called utrogestan.

    I do remember feeling very angry, irritable and moody when i was on the creams. Apparently, according to what i've read when you first start using progesterone it wakes up all the oestrogen receptors thats why you feel horrible before things settle down and you start feeling better.

  • Hellobari, thank you for lots of great info. I am also pleased to hear I am not alone, when it comes to my reaction to the cream, I did email the supplier and just like the doctors the reply is worded as though I am the only person in the world to have had this reaction., they did say about it waking up the oestrogen receptors and that is should settle down, so I will cut the dose right back and hope things settle down.

    Thank uou for pointing out Utrogestan - I will speak with the hospital about this.

    I haven't had levels done, apart from the two blood test that said the menopause was well and truely on the way but also proceeded to say that "the tests are not that accurate" not reallly a big suprise as none of there others have been,

    Best wishes


  • Also forgot to add. Please get your progesterone , oestrogen levels tested if you haven't already.

    Medichecks do menopause bundles with reasonable pricing.

  • I find maca very good for menopause I did use a few progesterone creams as well the best one is natpro and it really worked for me but since taking maca I don't use as much,pregnenolone is also good there are a few good books about bio-identical hormones 'stay young and sexy'is one of them although for me it was more about staying sane,I'm doing fine now most if the time xx

  • Thank you Mb46 - I haven't heard of Natpro, i will look into it.

    That's great to hear you are doing well :>

  • Big hugs :)

  • Thank you jlat - it means a lot : >

  • Do you have hashimotos? You should try a aoutoimmune paleo diet..and try and ease inflammation etc..see isabella wentz and mark hyman for reversing autoimmune disease and hashimotos. I am doing this now.

  • Morning Faith,

    I do have Hashimoto's, from an inflammation side of things I do avoid Knightshade foods, I can not eat potato's at all - they set of a massive flare up.

    I can't do the Paleo diet as I am a veggie

    I hope it works for you though.

  • Same same Kitten whiskers :(

  • Have been on carbimazole for 24 months came off in July and am hyper again. They want to do a thyroidectomy but I have asked if I can try again with carbimazole with block and replace. They have agreed but said there's a risk of liver problems. Has anyone been on this drug for long periods of time?


  • why not try healing your autoimmune disease naturally.?.see info above.

  • Hello Sand, I agree with Faith63, try healing naturally. If you are worried about your liver, you could take milk thistle - that was great for me, along with doing a few detoxes.

  • faith 63 How do you heal your autoimmune disease naturally?

  • Hey kitten-whiskers

    Please don't give up, there are answers out there. I know it is so very hard finding them when you are so unwell, and unfortunately given our doctors' knowledge of chronic illness, it is up to you to find out for yourself:( A lot of your symptoms sound like low cortisol, including a 'list of ever growing symptoms'. High pulse rate can be caused by your body producing adrenaline instead of cortisol, because your adrenals can not cope anymore. Have you had a 24hr saliva test done? And as suggested by Ruthi, calcium intake is not necessar

  • sorry kitten-whiskers, I pressed submit accidently before finishing my reply! calcium is not necessarily the answer when it comes to osteoporosis, vitamin d taken with vitamin k2 maybe better - the k2 ensures calcium goes into the bones instead of soft tissue. Have a read of the info on, which is all about unhappy adrenals, I think the symptoms described will resonate with you. My heart goes out to you, but I know you can feel well again. Last year my young vibrant, happy daughter was on suicide watch, I could not leave her alone. Doctors only prescribed one antidepressant after another, which did little to help, in fact it made matters worse as ad's lower cortisol. After a very traumatic year we increased her dose of hydrocortisone and bam, within 24 hours our beautiful happy giggly daughter was back! It was all down to really low cortisol! Good luck and take care x

  • Good afternoon Jennygrigg, Thank you so much for your reply. Your poor daughter, thank goodness she is ok now, what an ordeal for you all.

    Your spot on I do have unhappy adrenals, but I have so many illnesses now. I have so many symptoms its so hard to see what symptom is caused by what, making this food diary very hard.

    This progesterone cream appears to have caused Estrogen dominance - this is why I have been so depressed and feeling utterly dreadful. 10% of wemen suffer this, due to the receptors waking up and flaring up, so you would think they would have mentioned this, now I have to wait for things to settle down again.

    I am having a gut test done privately - hoping it will shed some light on things and a food intolerance test, it's just so hard to do anything when feeling like this :<

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