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Help with my Test Results

My Tests results finally came back today and the results are:

TSH: 1.48

T4: 13.7

Antibodies: Negative

My tests took over 2 weeks before I got them and between this time, I used a supplement called Natural Sources Raw Thyroid and within an hour of taking, I felt like I have ever felt in 2 years.

I had tremendous amount of energy and I was happier and remembering things, but the feeling only lasted for 5 days and I stopped having the feeling again. I upped the dosage to two per day but still no difference, then I read somewhere that if the adrenals were functioning poorly, thyroid medications wouldn't work. I have ordered an adrenal glandular complex by Swanson.

My GP told me that they were within normal range, I felt like crying when I heard this as I am not feeling normal at all.

What does this result mean?

Why did I feel better on Natural Sources Raw Thyroid if i WAS "NORMAL"

Any Help would be appreciated.

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Your TSH is in the normal range but your FT4 reading looks quite low to me (although you haven't included the ranges). This could mean that your pituitary is not doing its job. Your pituitary should notice when your thyroid hormones (FT3 and FT4) are low and increase your TSH level to tell your thyroid to work harder. Unfortunately your doctor hasn't done a test for FT3 (that or the lab decided not to do it). Your FT3 level would tell you whether you need more hormone or not.

One possible way forward is to do a Blue Horizons thyroid blood test, which will give you not only results for TSH, FT4 and FT3 but also a lot of nutrients which need to be at a good healthy level for your body to be able to use the thyroid meds properly. It will also tell you what your thyroid antibody status is. Post the results here (with the ranges) and people will advise you.


Thanks for your reply, I requested another thyroid Test from my GP and I have done it at a different hospital and I should get the results next week, but I don't think the NHS checks FT3 ??

If the results are similar to the previous one, I think my FT4 is too low for hypothyroidism, should I be looking at my Pituitary instead?

Why did I feel better on Natural Sources Raw Thyroid for 5 days like I have ever been before?

Natural Sources Raw Thyroid Ingredients (Thyroid Tissue, Adrenal Tissue, Pituitary Tissue, Thymus Tissue, Spleen Tissue, Malto-dextrin (corn-derivative), American Ginseng, Kelp)

Please Help.


Here's a link to a two parter on hypothyroid and adrenals... Hope it helps


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