Lifestyle change

I wrote a post a couple of wks ago because I had lost all hope of ever feeling pain free. Well after reading all the advice given here Im beginning to see improvements. Firstly I changed the company whose levo I was taking. Then I changed the time of day I took my meds. I also reduced my activities and listened to my body which was screaming at me to slow down. I have started to eat a whole food 100% organic diet and take a cup of purritee green tea every night. As soon as I start to feel stress now I take myself away and practice meditation and I can honestly say my pain is massively been reduced to a tolerable level. No more headaches and no more zombified me.

2 Replies

  • That's good news and I'm glad your change of regime is working for you.

  • get off of all grains and dairy too..they are very inflammatory. Look into healing your gut/immune system. Green tea can actually make some hashimotos sufferers worse.

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