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goldsheild change

so pleased to read all about godsheild change,,,,i have taken levothyroxin for a long time,,,suits me fine,,,,,,was worried i might have to take another brand..have taken a cheap tablet that made me ill,,,,,so doc put goldsheild on my prescription......never had any trouble..then chemist said goldsheild was not no i can tell them about mercury pharma,,,,,,,,thanks for info.......

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Some of us have had real problems with MP levo. Personally I found it boardering on toxic and it made me very unwell. Don't mean to be the voice of doom but I too had built my hopes up re MP levo but It is NOT the same as the old Goldsheild Eltroxin.

It may have been a bad batch but quite a few of us ended up yellow carding the MP levo.

I hope you're experience is more positive.


Please ask your GP to yellow card the MP levo....unless there are enough of us indicating it's not good nothing will be done to address the issue.

If your GP will not do so then you can do it yourself....just google yellow card and you will find it

I feel so ill on MP that I am considering g moving to NDT and am currently searching for a sympathetic endo .

Does anyone know of an endo in Manchester or near who has a positive attitude to NDT?

Good luck!


Have you tried switching from MP to Actavis? It helped me, but not as much as the addition of T3.


You do not need a GP to Yellow Card anything. You can do it yourself. See this recent post of mine:



Well I managed to source my own NDT....which arrived TODAY !!!

It can be done,but there is of course a cost. I'm hoping to convince my GP to prescribe if I get on OK with it. I'm seeing him on Thursday to advise him that I'm starting it.


Please share your experience with your gp visit with us. thanks.


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