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Look on the bright side

My boss has said sorry for bo****king me for being late when I have slept in. I'm exempt from house work. no 1 can call me lazy cos I have a condition. I get to see my unbelievably beautiful doctor alot bed seem alot comfier than it used to. If I forget things no 1 calls me thick. I have gone a bit deaf so the kids don't seem as loud and best of all I feel half p*ssed without having to pay for beer whoop whoop there's always a bright side x

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Bless. :-)

That is so perceptive, it is so much like being a chronic alcoholic, though I prefer the brief period of euphoria that actual alcohol allows.


I'm having a very stressful day, but your comments have cheer me a bit. I'm feeling your pain.

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I can live with it all no problem but I keep forgetting words and names and its frustrating


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