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Synacthen test results

I had my test on Thursday morning and received My results today but not heard from the consultant

1. 08:30. 366

2. 09:00. 453

3. 10:00. 550

So does this mean I have Addisons it not im worrying because symptoms are getting worse abd the stomach cramps unbearable with no diagnosis and no medication and feeling terrible all day no sleep at night.

Does it mean more tests to confirm whats next for ne ??

Any help greatly appreciated 👍👍👍👍


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Hi Russellb73, sure looks like it could be Addison's. Your levels are far from doubling.

I suggest getting on the Addison's google support forum ASAP and you will get some great suggestions on how to move forward.

First and foremost I'd say is getting started on hydrocortisone! (I'm not a medical doctor though).


Thanks Jade I am a member there but no one was answering and I needed clarification! Peace of mind etc...

Im going to phone my consultant Monday but yeah I thought as much ! Apparently it depends Some use 500 passable level some use 600 so I fit nicely in between but like you said 200 increase in 1.30 hours isn't great

I will have to wait im sure they will then also want to do ct scan and MRI as they will need to check my purtruity gland as ive been having trouble with my void ion and extreme headaches and infections on the head !

Ill let you know what they say but not that its great news but its some relief to know its treatable

My partner thinks ive been making the symptoms up and has been far from supportive which has been frustrating because I just cannot do what I would normally do.

Any how thanks for coming back ill be in touch Monday once I have spoken to them !

Best wishes Russell

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Either way regardless of whether it's primary (due to adrenals) or secondary (due to pituitary), if it's adrenal insuffiency, then you should get on meds ASAP. They can figure out the cause afterwards. You shoudn't have to wait for an MRI or CT to get correct treatment! Also, PM sent.


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