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Hyperthyroid again


I was a member of this forum

A couple of years ago but after taking carb for 6 months, my thyroid went back to normal.

I'm back again 6 months after my second baby. Does anyone have any experience of pregnancy tipping the thyroid over more than once but going back to normal again?

I'm really hoping it doesn't come to surgery or RI treatment.

I'm finally being referred to an endo as the ENT surgeon I saw this week said my symptoms were throwing him.

I was diagnosed with hashimotos 3 years ago but he thinks I have graves :(

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You should certainly avoid rushing into thyroidectomy or RAI in case your hyperthyroidism is pregnancy induced in which case it may self resolve. New research has demonstrated that problems with Carbimazole are likely to occur in the first 180 days of taking it so if you don't have problems there's no reason why you can't take it for years if remission fails again.


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