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Seems to me regardless how many vitamins and minerals we take. How efficiently we take our meds we all seem to be progressively getting worse. If some of you have been lucky enough to source good medicine that has made you healthy again I'm really happy for you but most of us carnt find or afford that solution. My query is if you guys can get hold of good meds that bring you to full Recovery's they carnt the national health service source these meds. They are they leaveing so many people suffering like this. If they can afford all that fancy equipment to diagnose all these disease's why carnt they cure them once diagnosed,why put us through the process. Surely not to let the students practice on. My experience of the now privately owned NHS is cheap, cheap, cheap as long as they prescribe something they can live in denial of the, we don't really give a hoot if this cheap stuff don't work were not taking it ourselves policy they have adapted. Shame on you if this really is the case.

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i do agree with you but the NDT my lot buy is thankfully not expensive and has made them pretty well

they do not do at all well on levo or t3

Levo costs between 1 and 3 pound per pkt. You never mentioned the cost of net so carnt really compare unless you state price. If its not expensive why doesn't the NHS prescribe it to all.

Sometimes you have to look beyond the thyroid.

the NHS wont prescribe NDT because its a "natural " product and thus cannot be patented by big pharma who rule the roost and have financial claws into the BTF , BTA, RCP all of whom will not admit that synthetic meds do not suit everyone

whilst its wrong because as a hypothyroid patient your entitled to free prescriptions if about £8 to £12 a month will restore one to a reasonable quality of life then its worth the outlay

As far as I can see we here in Coventry have a brand new state of the art fancy hospital, with new clean uniforms, everything looks posh and neat and fancy so those that own it can keep up with the Jones,s gives them conversation and pride, look what we have made, look what we have achieved but unfortunately they have either killed of or suppressed everything that doesn't fit into there artistic sketch of their city of Coventry vision. We had an incidence here last hear where they sent a guy out of a and e where he collapsed and died in front of so called actor paramedics whom afterwards said they thought he was a drunk???. This is our trained professionals whom buy there qualifications from the joke shop.

You mean walsgrave?

sorry something happened to my reply.

I just feel that we live in a very polluted planet. Until, everyone, gets to grips with this we cannot expect to feel well.

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