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Hashi's - High Cortisol - HRT

My GP has just been round and he wants to try me on some HRT patches (post meno 3 yrs). Have been working with him for months now on my problems, he has copies of all the tests I have done and knows what I have been doing to try and get well the last 12 months. Can anyone advise please?

These are my NHS sex hormone test results, not that I understand them :(

20-Jul-2016 Serum oestradiol level - (JCAD5929) - Normal - No Action <50 pmol/L

20-Jul-2016 PROGESTERONE - (JCAD5929) - Normal - No Action

Serum progesterone 1.5 nmol/L

20-Jul-2016 ! Serum sex hormne binding glob - (JCAD5929) - Inform patient of results

! Serum sex hormne binding glob 122.9 nmol/L 26.00 - 110.00nmol/L

20-Jul-2016 Serum testosterone - (JCAD5929) - Normal - No Action 0.9 nmol/L <1.50nmol/L

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Hi Jefner,

I've just noticed that you got no replies to your post. Maybe you can repost as some can just get lost with the volume of posts from new members.

J x


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