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What to ask Doctor

I have an appointment to get the result of my liver scan. Last time I saw this doctor he practically said I had wasted my time going to see him even though the surgery had phoned and asked me to go in that day!

When I had the scan they said I have a fatty liver and possibly a gall stone.

Not quite sure where to go from here. My ALT is slightly raised but according to the doctor that could have been because I was fighting off a virus at the time of the blood test.....I wasn't poorly at the time and I had three blood tests over two and a half months.

I think this could all be related to my hypothyroidism but as usual the doctor said its not connected.

Just wondering what would be the best questions to ask him as I feel he is going to fob me off again 😕

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I would ask him if my level is elevated and not caused by hypothyroidism what are the other likely causes.

And if it is caused by an infection when is he going to repeat the test to show the infection has gone.

Do you have Hashimotos? As having coeliac disease can cause a rise so ask him about it.

This is a simple article - don't panic to see why they scanned your liver -

This is a more complicated article which mentions coeliac disease (scroll down to amino transferases) - You can reference this article at the appointment if necessary.


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