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Move away from Levo

Hi all,

I've tried searching the posts but to no avail, I'm sorry in advance if this has been answered before.

I have Hashimotos and was diagnosed 24 years ago, I've been on Levo ever since. Even when taking 200 Mcg's daily I never felt well always had the classic signs of hypothyroidism and had a TSH of 4.6 but could never get any sense from Gp's or Endo's. Anywhoo, then I discovered Iodine supplements and went gluten free these changes really made a huge difference to me, I'm now on half the dose of Levo that I once was.

I have now decided to make a move towards natural thyroid replacement but cannot get my GP to prescribe it. I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of where to source an alternative.

Many thanks for your help.

Steve x

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Are you still taking iodine supplements? If so, you're feeling good because you are stimulating your thyroid to make more hormone. But, that cannot last. Your gland will just burn out faster.

If you are taking 200 mcg levo, you are already getting 120 mcg from that. The recommended daily dose is 150 mcg, plus what you get from food, you are probably over-dosed on iodine, and that is not a good thing at all.

However, with a TSH of 4.6, you were very under-medicated. Was that on 200 mcg?

What do you mean by 'natural thyroid replacement'? NDT, like Armour? It's not as natural as all that. And, before you do anything about getting it, you need full labs to know exactly where you are :




vit D

vit B12



If your nutrients aren't optimal, then nothing will work for you. :)


Hi, thanks for the reply.

The TSH level of 4.6 was while taking 200 Mcg of thyroxine, it had been at that level for 10 years, I basically struggled through a decade. I am still taking Iodine and have been for three years. When I stop taking iodine my body temperature returns to 34.6 oC and once again I feel dreadful.

Yes I am looking for a source of Armour or equivalent I have read some bad reviews of Armour since the parent company was bought out.


Well, I can't make any useful comments on Armour, because I haven't taken it for many years, and NDT does not suit me at all! But, if you post a question, where the title clearly states that you're looking for a source of Armour, people will PM you.

BUT my previous comments still stand : Armour is not as 'natural' as you might think, and nothing will work for you if you have nutritional deficiencies.

And, it's looking very likely that you will have, because you appear to have an absorption problem. A TSH of 4.6 on 200 mcg levo? There's something very wrong, there. Either you have a pituitary problem - which is one line to persue - or you have a serious absorption problem.

First question I have to ask is : are you taking PPIs?

Second question : were you taking your levo on an empty stomach, with a large glass of water, one hour before eating or drinking anything else but water, and two hours away from other medications and supplements?

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Hi steveswansea....I have just started taking thyrogold instead of levo as it seems to be well researched and created by Dr Lowe..its still early days for me trying to get my dose right so I can't give you any results but I switched because i didn't believe levo was helping me at all. Good luck


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