Just wanted to mention that I've found IHerb in the US to be very efficient and inexpensive for supplements. You get $5 off your first order, then loyalty credit for subsequent purchases. Thorne Zinc Picolinate and Thorne Selenometionine cost me £14.30 plus £2 postage from them, compared to £46 on Amazon. I always keep my orders under £15 to avoid customs charges, which can be huge. Not sure IHerb is cheaper for all supplements so worth doing price comparisons for each supplement. Cheapest post option only takes about a week. I don't have any link to this company other than being a satisfied customer.


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Recently iherb started adding the Shipping cost to the value of the purchase and putting the Total on the Box label. So even though I had spent under £15 on goods it was stopped at Customs and I was charged the Tax. I had a lot of hassle trying to reclaim it. Iherb stopped doing it for a time but it has started again now.

I've emailed them about it, but they never seem to quite grasp what the problem is.

Oh no, hope that doesn't happen, thanks for warning me about that.

Stoneym, , Thank you for sharing. Iherb is very deceitful with their shipping practices and it ends up being no savings at all. I did an ipetition and facebook rant in 2013 regarding this. For this reason I hope no one continues to promote iherb, because this site is about helping.



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