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Pain in jaw or gums or teeth - don't make my mistake!

A bone density x-ray in May showed I have osteopenia (GP said all normal so do check your own). I have had pain in my jaw for over three months and just been expecting it to go away but as it worsened I went to the dentist. Dentist found very swollen gum and a bad infection under the tooth which she thinks is probably in the ligaments and a result of the osteopenia (drawing calcium away from teeth for my bones).

So, if you have jaw pain, as I notice someone recently posted they did, trot along to your dentist nice and quick.

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Do you Hashimoto's? If so have you tried gluten free diet?

Your Vit d was only 50 in previous test. Do you take Vit D3 (with Vit K2) and perhaps magnesium too?


Hi SlowDragon and thanks for your thoughts.

I don't have a diagnosis of Hashimoto's (though a good family friend is sure I have it - she had three tests come back showing she didn't before a private one showed she did). I have nevertheless been gluten free since before Xmas, can't tell any difference though.

I have been supplementing Vitamin D3 since that test result but not K2 nor magnesium - I did try magnesium spray but noticed no difference, thanks for sending the link though because at that time the osteopenia had not been diagnosed and of course there won't be any difference in how I feel.

Kind of you to offer advice.


Personally I didn't make headway till I gave up battle trying to get tests on NHS, now get private tests, revealing low but D, have taken control of my own care.

Blue Horizon - Thyroid plus eleven tests all these.

See my profile


Just read your profile SlowDragon, your history and symptoms are very different from mine. My GPs have been good about running tests - but unwilling to consider doing anything about the problem converting T4 to T3 suggested by the results!


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