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arthritis and hyperthirodism

i had an arthritis for a very long time with terrible pain.from 3 years i was diagnosed with toxic multi nodular goiter. i take 20mg carbimazole. after 2 years of treatment i felt better and my arthritis pain was minimal. at this time my tsh was around 3 ,normal range from(0.5 to 5) but when my tsh went above 3 the pain came back to my question is: is there any relationship between arthritis pain and level of tsh

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Good question! Wish I knew the answer. This post caught my eye because I went to the doc because I was having arthritic like pain, can hardly move my fingers, ankles, and bad low back and hip pain (I'm 37 yrs old). It came on suddenly. My TSH is 0.01, so I assume it could very well play a part in pain. I'm very new to this and in the testing phase, so not sure exactly what is going on with me, but wanted to share my experience in case it's helpful.


you did not tell what did you do with your pain and what happened when your TSH raised to normal value. thank you for reply


We are trying to figure out the cause of the pain and am not treating it yet. My TSH is still 0.01 and I am still in constant pain. It has been three weeks since my first test result showed abnormal levels. I have been in pain since April, about 5 months. So am not sure if there is a connection, but to me it seems like there could be so I commented.

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