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Now what??

Found a new doc in April (4hrs away) -- and finally got a diagnosis of Hashimoto's... (Thanks to a couple of you for giving me that Diagnosis before I had seen the Doc.) also some food allergies. Still feeling like crap in July - so Doc put me on Adren-all supplement, (poss adrenal fatigue.) The bottle almost done and still no difference. I take Vitamin D, Chromium Picolinate, Synthroid 112 , and a probiotic, prilosec..... I do feel a little better since my Synthroid was changed from Generic to Brand necessary. and my hair isn't falling out as much now either.

I was told in April to not go to the gym anymore since this may cause inflammation. also to go gluten free, which I have . I was to "just walk" and do "yoga".... pfft (the gym was my stress reliever)

2 weeks ago I noticed the right side of my thyroid swollen (as I just finished on the treadmill). called new Doc the next day and she ask if someone local could order an ultrasound, as she could not..thought that was strange......so last week I had an appt with my GP and she said that she didn't see anything out of the ordinary--no ultrasound ordered. I have put on over 60 pounds in the last 5-6 years -- the last 10 was just recently -....... SO --- my GP referred my to a local ENDO to whom I have an appt with tomorrow

I have been on this struggle for 5 years or more with only being diagnosed Hypothyroid. And that same doc that diagnosed me Hypo 5 years ago also gave me Insulin Resistance and metabolic syndrome X..... which new doc in April didn't think this at all. I have been told that I am a healthy fat person. oh how nice is that. So I am gluten free, with food allergies and I can now jut eat dirt and make mud pies. I am just soo frustrated and disappointed. I have trouble sleeping.. Any suggestions on what to discuss with this new ENDO tomorrow.... below are my labs from June

Hemoglobin A1c5.9 4.8-5.6%

T4,Free(Direct)1.81 0.82-1.77ng/dL

Tsh0.118 0.450-4.500uIU/mL

Insulin15.5 2.6-24.9uIU/mL

Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum3.6 2.0-4.4pg/mL

Any suggestions??? I still feel tired and achy - -my knees hurt real bad.

Thank you

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Hi there, I cannot tell you much I am afraid (others will!).

I will say that if the gym was your stress reliever then.....we all need some sense of normality and stability.....go back to the gym?!!

Did they ask you what you were doing at the gym, how hard you were working out? Hardout cardio and grunty weights wont be so good.. In terms of weight/insulin etc it is a stress to the body so the body releases glucose (normal stress response) and then insulin has to be secreted, and they more we demand of that system the less it works.

I love doing gym-yoga! Same stuff but with conscious rhythmic breathing and movement at a moderate to easy exertion.

I have a friend who is carrying extra weight and she insists on going to the gym and pounding it out on a bike or treadmill and of course she never loses any weight, as it is not lack of hardout cardio that caused the weight! Shame peoples heads are still stuck in the do more to lose weight paradigm

If you like cooking then perhaps you can get a paleo cookbook? And a vegetarian one/ And a vegan one? I have just gone dairy free meat free again (already gluten free) as I am having heart things happen, and only in the last month dod these symptoms get really abd (as i started eating more low grade supermarket meat, instead of organic at least!).

I know how you feel, itd be nice to have the apple crumble and custard with my family! or a sandwich lol. But once your headache goes/joints pain goes/brain fog lifts/energy levels rise, you wont mind eating veggies for breakfast lunch and dinner! I have a green smoothie for breakfast and other meals are a combo of avo/coconut oii/olive oil/seeds/hummus/beans/veggies/salad/fruit/eggs/almond milk/cacao powder/ etc etc.



Hi, sorry to hear you are feeling bad. I hear you on that, I've never felt good since I had my daughter 17 years ago. It's been 17 years of scouring the internet, blood tests, etc. but I now know that I'm diabetic (along with having hashimotos) and was probably diabetic during my pregnancy. My HBA1C has never been over 5.9, so 5.9 is actually quite high, you will want to try to reduce yours if possible. I have struggled with a fatty liver twice now from the diabetes, and have been on a strict low carb high fat diet since April. I just had a fibroscan done, and it shows that the fat is finally gone and it's due to reducing my circulating insulin/glucose that finally reversed it. It's been over a year since I was diagnosed with fatty liver.

I feel SOOOO much better on a low carb high fat diet, because my insulin and glucose levels are low and they are not fluctuating all day long due to carbohydrate intake.

I also exercise HARD, always do weight training 5 to 6 times per week, never cardio as I found cardio quite useless in controlling weight and blood sugar. So, you may want to do what makes you feel best and whats best for your insulin resistance, not what your doctor is telling you to do.

I also find that my joints hurt alot if I've been eating too many carbohydrates which spikes my insulin. Insulin is inflammatory and if it's high it can cause widespread pain.

I also think you need to reduce your medication, as your T4 is on the high side, and TSH is very low. That could cause you to have joint pain and have trouble sleeping (in addition to being insulin resistant).


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