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New Test Results

Hello everyone,

I have some new test results that I thought I'd share with you. All of these were fasting at 8:20am on Aug 3rd:

TSH 5.24 (range: .35 - 4.5) ---TSH on June 28th was 3.29

Vitamin D, 25Hydroxy 38.5 (range <30 deficiency)

Copper 182 (range: 72 - 166)

Ceruloplasmin 46 (range: 19 - 39)

Zinc 94 (56 - 134)

I have a lot of symptoms of hypothyrodism including:


, Weakness, Difficulty losing weight, Dry skin, Hair loss, Cold intolerance, Muscle aches, Irritability, Memory loss, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Hard time being comfortable temperature...either sweating or freezing. I am sure there are others but I can't think right now, lol:)

Any feedback on my test results above would be appreciated. I should know all the other results on Monday when I see the dr and get copies of my results.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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Well, you will have a lot of hypo symptoms with that TSH. It's much too high.

Also, your vit d is too low, which won't make you feel well.

Copper still high. I'd be interested to hear what the doctor says about that. Did they not test your zinc?


Hi Greygoose, yes they checked my zinc which was 94 (range: 56 - 134).

I too am interested to see what they say about Copper. A little nervous actually.

Is it common to have low Vitamin D when Hypo?



It's common to have a lot of low nutrients. Not high ones. That's why I'm so curious about the copper. Do you eat a lot of oysters? Raw kale? Interesting site, here :

Although it wasn't written for hypos, so there's unfermented soy mentioned!


No I don't eat a lot of copper foods which is even more baffling about this. Hopefully there isn't more going on than just hypo. I read that high copper can be a symptom of cancer.


Just found this site. You might find something useful here.


Did you GP check levels of B12?

vitamin d, b12, folate and ferratin all need to at good (not just average) levels for thyroid hormones (our own or replacement ones) to work in our cells.

Also have you had thyroid antibodies checked? There are two sorts TPO Ab and TG Ab. (Thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin) Both need checking, if either, or both are high this means autoimmune thyroid - called Hashimoto's, the most common cause of being hypo. NHS rarely checks TPO and almost never checks TG.

Make sure you get the actual figures from tests (including ranges - figures in brackets). You are entitled to copies of your own results. Some surgeries make nominal charge for printing out. Alternatively you can now ask for online access to your own medical records. Though not all surgeries can do this yet, or may not have blood test results available yet online

When you get results suggest you make a new post on here and members can offer advice on any vitamin supplements needed

If you can not get GP to do these tests, then like many of us, you can get them done privately

Blue Horizon - Thyroid plus eleven tests all these.

Best advice is to read as much as you can. Vitamin and minerals levels are very important, but standard NHS thinking, doesn't at the moment seem to recognise this.

You will see, time and time again on here lots of information and advice about importance of good levels of B12, folate, ferritin and vitamin D and gluten connection to autoimmune Hashimoto's too.


Hello SlowDragon,

Thank you for responding and for your advice.

Yes, my dr tested me for thyroid antibodies and B12 I just don’t have those results yet. I am sure I’ll get them on Monday when I meet with him. I’ve been gluten free and dairy free for 6 years now due to intolerances to both.

Once I get the rest of my results on Monday I’ll post them all.

Thanks again!


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