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Went to see doctor

Afternoon Everyone, weather is awful but never mind I'm watching the Olympics.

This is afollow up from my blood test which I posted 5 days ago.

I went to the docs Monday just gone and he took a copy of my blood results and put them on my file. He's put me on Folic Acid 5mg and ask me to phone him in 3 months to let him know how I get on and to arrange another blood test. He also put me on Gabapentin 300mg. He also put me back on my B12 injection (had one yesterday).

He said it looks likely that I will have a problem with my thyroid in the near future. I can't believe how lovely he was towards me as in the past he was the doc who told me that with exercise my back problems would disappear (since then I've had a MRI scan to prove the docs wrong that THERE is problems with my back)

Sorry for going on but I'm still in shock about how nice the doc was.

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Bentleyboo What a good, positive post. Nice to hear of a helpful doctor, especially as they were private tests :) .

Have you given consideration to going gluten free and supplementing with selenium to help reduce the antibody attacks?

What about your ferritin. It was just 0.1 within range at 20.1 (20-150). It needs serious iron supplementation to get that up to at least half way through the range. If your GP wont give you that then you really should buy your own. Ferrous fumarate or ferrous sulphate contain the most amount of elemental iron at about 65-70mg. If that causes tummy upset or constipation then try Iron Bisglycinate which contains 20-25mg elemental iron and is supposed to be non-constipating. Solgar Gentle Iron is one such brand. As mentioned previously, with iron tablets you should take 1000mg Vit C with each tablet to aid absorption and help prevent constipation. Take iron 4 hours away from other supplements as it will affect absorption.


You don't want folic acid, you want a B complex with methylfolate. All the Bs work together and need to be kept balanced. And folic acid is synthetic, and not as well absorbed as methyfolate. :)


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