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Has anyone successfully used homeopathy to treat underactive thyroid/hashimotos?

When my usual site for ordering looked like it might be closing down I started looking for other options and landed on homeopathy. I know a lot of people think it's a scam, but at the very least it's harmless and I'm thinking of giving it a whirl - I've tried everything else! Has anyone tried it, and felt better? And if you recommend it, which ones in particular help? Thanks

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I've read that homeopaths consider low thyroid can only be treated with thyroid hormone replacement and it can't be treated homeopathically.


I think homeopathy might be able to help with the autoimmune part of hashis, but not with hormone replacement.


I've tried Chinese herbs for uat so I have a relatively open mind about complementary meds, but consider that it isn't harmless if it means forgoing your usual meds and if the only way to tell if it's working is to see if you get ill, if that makes sense. The Chinese herb period meant that I delayed conventional treatment and I felt truly awful for that much longer. The best it got was that my tsh went down to around 5 or 6, which can happen anyway even if you're not taking anything.


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