I hve had trouble staying asleep, waking sometimes at different times such as 1am, 5am etc. I then have trouble getting back to sleep right away and usually get myself a drink/snack and read for a bit. I usually then can get back to sleep an hr or so later. I do not have trouble getting to sleep when I go to bed usually about 10pm. I usually read fr 45 mins and go off to sleep about 10.45/11pm.

It has been suggested that I may benefit from slow release melatonin. Has anyone experience of this product and where I cd purchase it.

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I wouldn't recommend it as Melatonin for two reasons: Melatonin is used to fall asleep not to stay asleep - even time released. The second reason is that Melatonin has a rebound effect: you may sleep better for 5-8 nights and then Melatonin will wake you up after 2-3 hours. I would recommend L-Tryptophan if you wish to stay with natural products or Phenergan 10 or 25mg - sold as Sominex too but more expensive. It's over the counter and in all pharmacy in the UK.

Many thanks for yr reply. Will have a look.

Phenergan definitely works but not always easy to get from pharmacies now , but readily available on the net. just Google. It is one of the drowsy antihistamines and most sites will only sell one, but if you check page 2 (I think , Google) there is one site that sells 2. It is the P&P which bumps up the cost. Another product Sleep Aid (Kirkland) also works well -another anti-histamine -and much easier to source...hope you find something not sleeping is the pits

Many thanks, will hve a look.

I agree for Kirkland. Type Doxylamine Kirkland on Google. I'm French and both products are sold over the counter and you can buy as many boxes as you like.

Doxylamine Kirkland is even available from Amazon:

Try only half a tablet at first.

Merci Nathalie.

You can try Phenergan 10mg too. Try it when you can sleep a little late. My step-sister took 1tablet 25mg when her menopause was preventing her to sleep and she slept until 11pm.

I am like that. Melatonin helps very little to keep me asleep, but I do use it if I am buzzy and wired and know it will be difficult to fall asleep.

Do you drink caffeine at all? I know that when I keep off it completely I sleep better.

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