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Sleep Apnea had it for years and never knew it till last year

I had A operation done last year to have a bent Deviated Septum fixed which it was the DR was good, told me then i might need a Cpad that i did have Sleep Apnea .

I went as long as i could with out getting the Cpad machine so May of this year i was able to get one with Medicares approval, i still have it but was told on August 1 st 2016 i have to return it due to i did not meet compliance and to return it now in no nice words etc i have to pay shipping back to them some one in my state could come pick it up or i can take it to them no i have to send it out of state etc sigh and pay the shipping insult to injury . and now the supplier is billing me for supply's i never received they keep insisting i did which i didn't, so i told them I'm only paying for what i know i got and they won't really explain any thing or work with me bill wise and only seem to want the machine back and now .

now my problem is the machine helped but due to other health issue i don't sleep to well, some days 3 hours, other days more and some days i don't sleep at all or do but off and on maybe one or two hours and then I'm up again till my body puts me to sleep , i was told by another DR Ive been seeing for years i have insomnia , i don't like taking drugs so I'm trying my best to avoid those for now .so i failed compliance .

to be honest I d rather deal with feeling bad when i wake up in the morning when i do sleep then deal with being told I'm not sick and being treated like some one who is telling a lie .I don't want any favor's just a little compaction, not pity or a hand out .

so i told my DR I'll deal with it please don't suggest, it again . i don't want to go though the humiliation of it again or time and money, i waste on sleep study's because they think this or that, i have Sleep Apnea why do they keep putting me though it and waste time and money . i think the other bad thing i may have to pay the full amount for the next sleep study if I want the machine which at this point i don't, it was clear it did help me but they don't seem to care or that doesn't mater the cost is all there worried about and honestly i don't believe it's just the insurance either because of how i was treated during the whole thing it was stress full they had no indention of letting me keep it, is how i feel by the way i was treated, like i was lining etc . if this is the wrong place to post this sorry, i don't know were else to go that might make a big impact which at this point there is really no place until our rules change to fit how one needs some thing .

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Not sure why you are on this forum except sleep apnoea can be caused by thyroid problems and you do not refer to your thyroid.


my bad i tried to post in the Sleep Apnea forums and thought i did .


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