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Help - 59 years old and feel so ill - never felt well since diagnosed 16 years ago


Can anyone help me? I just don't know what to do anymore, since my diagnosis 16 years ago I have never felt well. I am now at a point that I spend much of my time in bed or on the sofa and hardly ever leave the house. (Thank goodness for my husband).

It's hard to describe exactly how I feel but all I can say is I feel dreadful. Some of my symptoms include a very bloated stomach (I look 8 months pregnant), palpitations, leg pain, flaky scalp and sometimes even bleeding.

I just feel that Levothyroxine does not suit me - I have had all the tests which come back normal. I have seen Thyroid specialists and Endocrinologists - who all say there's nothing more they can do for me. That I just need to try and find a suitable dose - I have tried all doses and nothing makes me feel well - I am currently taking 137.5.

All I want to do is cry, I am so sad and it really is making my life and my family's life hell. My daughter mentioned Armour to me however my GP said he would never prescribe it as it lowers people's immune systems?

Not sure if anyone can help me in my journey to feel better, but any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Ibarron, On 10th July website will be up and running again.

If you have not already, explore the site and you will definitely find some help appropriate for you.

Sounds to me that you need to see one of the recommended Endocrinologists on their list.

There are so many stories similar to yours and these people do get well when they get the right kind of medical help and with careful management of their own health.

There will be details of Armour (dessicated thyroid) on there and who prescribes it.

Great that your daughter is involved and your husband and that you posted here...your on your way to improvements in your condition.

More power to you.



Welcome to our forum

I am sorry you are feeling so bad and have had to put up with ill-health all these years. Maybe even unnnecessary ill-health.

I, could not feel well on levothyroxine, if anything I got even more symptoms. There is also other medications but GP's wont usually prescribe as they keep to the guidelines.

Woolwyn is right, if you email and ask for a list of sympathetic NHS Endos/private doctors.

The symptoms you state above are hypo and if you can get a copy from the surgery of your latest thyroid gland blood tests (or get a new one) with the ranges, post them on a new question and you will get more comments. Also state the dose of thyroid meds you are on.

You can get well but it is an uphill struggle and trial and error till you get meds which suit. But it is possible.


Ibarron this is the link. Seems it is OK today but will not be available tomorrow. Back on 10th July.




The Thyroid UK site is fine and is not disappearing at all. That link will continue to work all tomorrow and beyond.

It is this Health Unlocked site that is going "off-air" tomorrow.



ooops thank you...lets put it down to the warm weather...i did pause for an sec thinking I should check but as I so often lose what am typing kept going :(

Apologies Ibarron ...back on track now!



We all make mistakes! :-)


Bleeding.... from where?


Hello Ibarron, sorry to hear you feel so unwell. Obviously you are concerned your thyroid is not being treated properly and that may well be the case, but out of interest I wonder what your diet consists of too. There are many considerations to take into account when we are seeking homeostasis and our food and drink intake is also of primary importance. Perhaps you could give us more information in this regard.

There is much good advice on this forum regarding T4, T3, synthetic or natural; treating the adrenals may be a serious consideration too; also lots of help with dietry advice that many have found extremely helpful together with vitamin awareness.

I am personally convinced we need to look at our lifestyles from all directions and if there is anything you would like to discuss we are here to help as much as we can.

Kind regards



So sorry that you are yet another person who might once have been in the statistics as "fully treated with levothyroxine and all is well". But not now you are here.

I have to say what we say so very often, there are certain things which we all too often see to be deficient in people with thyroid issues:

vitamin B12



vitamin D

It would be great if you could persuade your GP to test you for all of these - or if you have already been tested, get the numeric test results. And the reference ranges!

You are entitled to see and get copies of your test results (and the rest of your medical records).



So sorry to hear you feel unwell all the time that must be very distressing for you. Have you considered any natural therapies in particular: acupuncture, kinesiology, reflexology, nutritional health. There are many natural health therapies that are powerful and have helped people when conventional medicine hasn't.

Good Luck and best wishes



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