Does any body suffer sleep apnea? is a result of thyroid issues?

lol my list of smptoms are surreal, does any one have sleep apenea, when i go to bed and completely relaxed, nodding of, I feel the room spin, but i ignore it, than I feel like my nasal passage gets blocked for a couple of seconds and I wake up in shere panic.

any one else, new smptom for me.

thanks x

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  • I suffered from this very badly along with snoring.When I started on a decent dose of NDT and T3 my sleep apnea and snoring have all but gone. So from my experience it most definitely could be related.

  • Have a look at this link

    Moggie x

  • Sleep Apnea is often listed as a symptom of hypothyroidism. I just can't find one of them at the moment... Very disorganised!!!

    Hugs, Grey

  • Thank you ladies, new it was related.

    much love x

  • I definately used to have this! There is a thing called the Epworth test, just google and complete the questionaire, it then gives you an idea of whether you may or may not have it. I did this (fell asleep at the wheel with 3 children in the car!)

    I had to undergo a sleep study, they discovered I was stopping breathing about 30 times an hour and my sats were dipping into low 80's!!! No wonder I felt so ill and bloody exhausted, like living my life in a slow blur, this was all before I EVENTUALLY got diagnosed with Hypo.

    I was given a CPAP machine which while horrible to wear, did help me. I lost a bit of weight and that helped with the SA

    I see now how all of the things I have suffered from in the last few years were all by products of being hypothyroid. I could cry, scream and kick about the number of years, me and my children have lost to this not being picked up! For Goodness sake I went to my doctors and told her about this strangling feeling I had in my throat, that alone went on for a year. My poor thyroid was being flogged and inflamed............

    disgusted with what I have suffered.........god Im on a roll now, but I had to have surgery for a hernia repair (as constipated for sooo long) .........

    So anyway back to the question

    Please do the Epworth test, its what they do in the hospital too, its a recognised tool for diagnosis

    T x

  • lol, thanks will have a luck. x

  • Do you still need c pap therapy ? Or is apnea so improved u don't need it anymore?

  • Do you still need c pap therapy ? Or is apnea so improved u don't need it anymore?

  • Hi Minus, I no longer need it. I have lost 4 and a half stone since my very worst and that has helped tremendously. I stopped needing the machine after 2 stone loss. I am still overweight though x

  • Hi It does not sound at all like sleep aponea to me, which I have severely.Even with a CPAP ( mask ) I wake up choking ,unable to breath, actually stopping breathing. If any one else is around when you are sleeping,day or night, they would clearly hear you stop breathing many times. If that is so, then you can have a home monitor sleep test, Very efficient and then a CPAP etc. ( horrible). or if severe like me a tracheotomy is best. I am very underweight so unusual .

    Regarding nose, it can be reflux from the stomach or other things.

    Best wishes,


  • Jackie you are correct!!! thanks again, why I asked is becuase My nasal airway in bed when im just goin off to sleep cuts off. and it wakes me up in panic My soft upper pallete in my mouth feels weired.

    you are also correct about reflux ( gerd).

    the back of my mouth in line with my nose keep intermittnat swell, like sinuses but I dont have and sign of infection, my tongue also feels fat lol mucus reflux every morning. My left ear feels weired but no pain.

    thanks anyway, still considering your option, waiting for reply from another source, I will keep you informed. much luv xxits one smptom after another, may buy some ear drops..

  • Hi Merissa, I would think about seeing an ENT specialist for a start. may be you have a chronic infection or it could be allergic rhinitis.It is more likely to be GORD if tummy feels uncomfortable when lying down, so reflux. The cure used to be to put top of bed on bricks. I never fancied doing that.! Anyway I now have to sit up all night for my heart. I guess that would work too, but I hate it!Have you had a gastroscopy? Very easy endoscopy of top GI. Also a swab of the suspect area? It really does sound like a chronic infection to me.

    Best wishes,


  • I found this ti be the case my my meds were reduced but since my levels are goid and I take t3 too its fine. X

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